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A couple of days ago, Disney Plus Day was celebrated, turning two years of existence – although in Mexico it is hardly its first anniversary -, the company became the topic of the moment due to the series of announcements it made during a special event where they released previews of some of their most anticipated series (several of them belonging to the MCU) as well as the official announcement of the next premiere of Disenchanted which will arrive in the fall of 2022.

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On the same November 12, new titles arrived that the company had already been announcing for weeks as Hi Alberto, a short that explores the past and present of the co-star of Luca – 89%, who has decided to make his life on the surface now with a father figure. Specials dedicated to Marvel and Star Wars also arrived, a reboot of My poor angel – 54%, and a special participation of The Simpsons as part of the celebration.

Although it may not seem like it, the Disney Plus second anniversary event had an important reach outside of the conversation on social networks, as there was also a significant increase in its subscriptions, but, above all, in its reproductions. On the platform Fix Patrol A top of films and another of series with more reproductions are presented. What has attracted attention is the impact of Disney Plus Day on the number of reproductions.

90% of the most viewed titles are those that were included in the catalog on November 12, among which are Hi Alberto in position number 3 of the most seen, in position 4 it is Marvel Studios’ 2021 Disney+ Day Special Followed by Home Sweet Home Alone, Pixar 2021 Disney+ Day Special and The Simpsons in Plusaversary. Up to the tenth place is Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett.

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Within the top 10 it is also positioned Nice to meet you – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos93% in eighth place on the list, which has just been added to the platform, and its impact also has to do with the announcement made by the protagonists Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. On the other hand, the most played movie to date is Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos95%, which has just arrived after 45 days with exclusive screenings in theaters.

Second, you will find Jungle Cruise – 70% starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt which had a simultaneous premiere at the end of July. Also in the top ten of the most popular titles is Black Widow – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos87%, which has been released for some time after its simultaneous premiere with the Premier Access modality that generated so much controversy. In the top 5 of the most popular shows are titles like Olaf Presents, The Simpsons, Grey’s Anatomy – 80%, Disney Intertwined and What If…? – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos84%.

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It is worth mentioning that programs that are broadcast on Star Plus were also taken into account for this list. Currently, Disney Plus has more than 118 million subscribers around the world, a considerably good number with its two years of life having great competitors such as HBO Max, Prime Video and, the leader, Netflix. In addition, the content that he has generated as the exclusive series that connect with the MCU or the Star Wars Universe has saved him a lot in publicity, since the franchises alone attract viewers.

Disney Plus Day launches are among the most viewed titles

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Disney Plus Day launches are among the most viewed titles on the platform | Tomatazos