Disney has a new classic! ‘Encanto’ exceeds all expectations

Panela, arepa, chigüiro”, Were the words that some spectators repeated in one of the cinemas of Cinépolis, in Cali, where a special screening of Charm, the new movie of Disney Inspired by Colombia that, from its first minutes, connected with everyone. The words were whispered in the room because it is not common to hear chigüiro, arepa or panela in a Disney movie. And less so with such generous cinematography.

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Expectations began to be met and exceeded. It was impossible not to feel that way with that waste of color, enthusiasm and magic that the film exudes from its first minutes.

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But the amazement at the words chigüiro, arepa and panela soon begin to fall behind and the gaze is captivated by a wildly fun rhythm and a lot of emotion. Charm it also makes you laugh and shed some tears. The audience connects with the true message, which is none other than paying tribute to the beauty and strength of the Madrigal family, who after suffering loss and pain, were blessed with magic and amazing powers as Mirabel’s cousin, Antonio, a boy who can talk to animals.

New movie poster Encanto

Disney spared nothing to achieve a visually stunning story (the level of detail and rhythm that the animation proposes is amazing). The colors of the flowers shine and the characters have an aura of tenderness that overwhelms.
Its protagonist, Mirabel, is a flash of joy, although history imposes difficult tests on her in the adventure of finding her place in a very special family niche, in which she is the heroine, but at the same time she is the rare, the rebellious and the misunderstood.

Charm is really unremarkable, she is fun to the best of her ability and knows how to bring very dramatic and profound moments into a good balance.

“That farm is so beautiful,” whispered an excited lady when she saw the Madrigal home, forgetting for a second that it was a digital fantasy. The connection with the public became more solid while others continued with the dynamics: “ajiaco, buñuelo, ¡Maluma!, was heard in the cinema between laughter and moments of respectful silence before such a staging and tribute to Colombia.

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Charm really unravels, she is fun to the fullest and knows how to carry a good balance with very dramatic and profound moments that do not fall into kitsch, and that are capable of sustaining that conflict that the protagonist leads by not responding to the expectations of a grandmother. who has kept the magic with which the family was blessed safe.

Mirabel She cannot control the weather like Aunt Pepa, change shape or have the enormous strength of her sister Luisa, something that affects her a little, but which she later understands is an essential part of her role as protector of her loved ones. The truth, the drama it is overcome with turns of humor that arrive at the right time.

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Charm It offers more than just the pride of portraying the Colombian idiosyncrasy to the world, it truly is an unprecedented visual experience and does not exaggerate or overdo it to steal a smile from those on the other side of the screen.

He also has the magic and delicacy of talking about serious things such as violence and the ability to resilience that Colombians have to overcome pain. No need to worry, this is only revealed in a few very fine lines within a pretty plot that it is possible that he will take more than one running to hug his grandmother or his mother. At the exit of the cinema we all left smiling.

Andres Hoyos Vargas

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Disney has a new classic! ‘Encanto’ exceeds all expectations