Disney announces the collection of ‘Black Widow’ on Disney +

Upgrade: The actress’s lawyers have responded to the Disney document with the following statements: “After beginning by responding to this lawsuit with a misogynistic attack on Scarlett Johansson, Disney now predictably attempts to hide its misbehavior in confidential arbitration. Why is Disney so afraid to discuss this case in public? Because he knows that Marvel’s promises to give “Black Widow” a typical theatrical release “like his other movies” should have kept Disney from cannibalizing box office earnings to win subscriptions on Disney +. Yet that is exactly what has happened, and we are looking forward to presenting the numerous evidence to prove it. “.

Scarlett Johansson just gave birth to his second son, but this summer his name is more linked to a very public and very important court battle for Hollywood. The actress sued Disney in late July over the premiere of ‘Black widow‘, claiming that the company had used the film to promote its streaming platform, thus reducing its chances at the box office, which reverts to fewer bonuses for Johansson.

Now Disney is asking that the lawsuit be resolved through arbitration, a private process by which these disputes are often handled in Hollywood.. According to account Deadline, the study requested this route on August 10 to be held on October 15, but they would have received no response from the actress’s legal team.

And as long as it does not go to arbitration, the process continues to be judicial and, therefore, very public. For this reason, the document that Disney’s lawyers have sent to the court requesting arbitration has come to light, in which you can read the arguments that the study raises against the actress and a very interesting fact: what ‘Black Widow’ has collected at Disney +.

“As of August 15, 2021, the film has grossed more than $ 367 million at the global box office and more than $ 125 million in streaming and downloads.”, reads the document. It’s Disney’s attempt to claim that ‘Black Widow’ is actually being a bigger hit than other movies in the world. Marvel Cinematic Universe, so the actress would have no reason to believe that she is receiving less benefits than she should.

According to them, the sum of the almost 80 million dollars from its theatrical release and the 55 million generated on Disney + in its first weekend, that is, 135 million dollars, surpass the premieres of other films in the saga such as’Thor: The Dark World‘, ‘Ant-Man‘ and its sequel O ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.

In addition, the company has communicated to Johansson that they will send him 100% of the documents that credit the Premium Access earnings to calculate any additional compensation, “although Marvel is not contractually bound to do so”.

Twisting words

This all started with the lawsuit of Scarlett Johansson, who accused Disney of not releasing ‘Black Widow’ exclusively in cinemas, thus reducing its box office (for which the actress would get a proportional bonus) and using the film to promote Disney +.

There is a very important legal detail that could go against the plaintiff: the actress argues that Disney induced Marvel, a subsidiary company of the studio, to break its contract. The studio however calls this “twisting the facts” to make a public lawsuit against Disney, rather than settling the dispute with Marvel in arbitration, the traditional process. “In a futile effort to circumvent this inevitable end (and generate publicity through a public lawsuit), [el equipo de Johansson] excluded Marvel as part of this complaint, replacing it with the management company Disney citing theories of contract interference. But very established principles do not allow this misrepresentation of the facts. “.

In addition, the production company insists that it has not actually breached its contract. The actress of ‘Lost in Translation‘argues that Disney shouldn’t have done a hybrid theatrical and streaming premiere, but According to the study, the agreement did not establish that the premiere had to be exclusive in theaters, only that it was wide and spread throughout the United States.. Disney says “Black Widow” premiered on more than 9,000 screens in the US, fulfilling the part of the contract that stated that it should be shown in no fewer than 1,500 theaters.

“Although the premiere of ‘Black Widow’ coincided with a global public health crisis, Marvel delivered on its promise”, allude.

Here we explain more in depth on what the Johansson lawsuit consists of and why it is so important to Hollywood.