Director of Space Jam: “I had no idea that people would be so angry that a bunny had no breasts” – La Tercera

Last March it was confirmed that Lola Bunny, the character who debuted in the first Space Jam movie, was resided for the sequel. At that time, the director Malcom D. Lee he claimed that the 1996 version “was not politically correct.”

Now the director himself, and the actress Zendaya, in charge of giving voice to the character, affirmed to Entertainment Weekly who were surprised by the annoyance the redesign generated.

Calling the controversy “super weird,” Lee explained, “I had no idea that people would be so mad that a bunny had no breasts.”

“I understand that people don’t want things to change, but I think we needed some evolution with her, not objectifying her but making her strong and feminine. And, yeah, we had all these other women saying, ‘Oh, you can be strong and have big boobs!’ Sure you can, but we are talking about a cartoon bunny, not women, “he remarked.

The director also stressed that the new image is related to the fact that Zendaya will be in charge of giving her a voice, which was translated into the projection of what they wanted to do with Lola.

“I wouldn’t be like this was going to happen either! I definitely know we love her, but I didn’t know it was going to be as big a focus as it was. [Risas] But I get it, she is a sweet character. It is very important, so I understand it ”, explained the actress for her part. “Lola is special to many people and their childhood and they grew up with her, so they have that feeling of protection,” he said.

Space Jam: A New Legacy will be released on July 16 in theaters in the United States. In that country it will also reach HBO Max. For its part, the film should reach streaming in Latin America during August, although for now there is no official date. Cinemas that may be open are also expected to show the film.