Did Kate Winslet really pose without clothes for the drawing of Jack in Titanic?

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Kate Winslet She will be eternally remembered for her role as “Rose” in the iconic film “Titanic”, a film that became a benchmark in cinema for an entire generation. One of the most famous scenes of the film, which at the time was very scandalous and controversial, was when Jack draws Rose without clothes lying on an armchair, but for many years he has wondered, Was Kate Winslet really naked when the scene was recorded?

After more than 20 years of the premiere of the film that broke everything expected at the box office, the secret behind this scene has been revealed where we clearly know that the drawing of Jack Dawson was not made by the actor Leonardo Dicaprio; it was actually done by the talented director James Cameron.

Here he showed that he not only has a talent for directing films, but also a great ability for other types of arts with pencil portraiture. Even as a curious fact, the notebook used by Leonardo DiCaprio where his character Jack Dawson shows all the drawings of French women, were also actually made by the director of the film; it was his rehearsal space.

Now speaking of if Kate Winslet had to pose nude for this drawing, the answer is no; However, despite this, this drawing is valued at 16 thousand dollars after an art collector bought it at that price at an auction that took place in 2011. Of course, it is an icon of the movie that gave him around the world

The drawing is signed JD; that is, of Leonardo di Caprio’s character in the film: Jack Dawson, along with the date of April 14, 1912, just one day before the gigantic ship sank.

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Did Kate Winslet really pose without clothes for the drawing of Jack in Titanic?