Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning will work together again after almost 20 years of ‘Man on Fire’

Man on Firefrom 2004, was a film that brutally portrayed organized crime in Mexico, with Denzel Washington (49 years old at the time) adopting the role of the stoic vigilante of the moment and Dakota Fanning (nine years old then), that of the little damsel in distress.

18 years after the premiere of the film, Denzel Washington, 67, and Dakota Fanning, 28, meet to work on what seems to be the culmination of the actor’s action trilogy, the vigilante 3. With his recent meeting we can remember the adventures that his characters had in that already classic film by Tony Scott, where John Creasy (Washington) memorably sacrifices his life to protect Lupita Ramos (Fanning).

Is not the same Man on Fire that Twenty years later

Just as the song says, time passes and we get older, so it is not surprising that both Fanning and Washington have evolved in the 18-year career that followed their 2004 dumbbell. The saga that will bring them together again, the vigilantebegan back in 2014, ten years after Man on Fireand has revitalized the role that the actor held as a man of action in the film that he co-starred with the actress.

At the 2022 Oscars, after being nominated for Best Actor for The tragedy of MacbethWashington declared that it was time to start kicking butt again, alluding, of course, to the new production of the vigilantewhich will see Dakota Fanning enter that universe.

a very good relationship

a very good relationship

One might think that the good relationship and chemistry between Washington and Fanning was the result exclusively of the talent of both, but in reality, from recent statements, it can be seen that there is cordiality between both actors and that there is no lack of affection and respect.

Before production began, Fanning announced that she had been cast in the action production, meeting and hanging out with Washington on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The actress then called the actor “a legend”, with whom she felt grateful to share the screen. For her part, the protagonist of The Book of Secrets He had already expressed his admiration for Fanning since 2004, saying that she is a brilliant young lady and it is impossible not to like her.

I don’t know if I would call her a child actress, she’s just a wonderful actress who happens to be a girl.

Fanning: without a doubt, up to the task

Dakota Fanning in Hound Dog

Fanning has not rested on her laurels since she played Lupita Ramos and has participated in a myriad of productions of all shades and themes: from children’s masterpieces such as Coralineeven teenage melodramas like The Twilight and dramatic roles such as the one he adopts in the biopic of The Runawaysin addition to several independent and less commercial films.

Although Fanning has bestowed the epithet of legend on her co-star from Man on Firethe truth is that he has shared the screen with many prominent figures in Hollywood and entertainment, including Kurt Russell, in chasing a dreamand Tom Cruise, in War of the Worlds. With that resume, even being compared to Jodie Foster and Bette Davis for her work, there is no doubt that she will be able to go even further in the new action film.

They are already big… and they are great

Fanning and Washington

Very far from who they were when Washington did not have a toston and Fanning was barely ten years old, both are already different, but we can only hope that that chemistry that they had already shown to share on screen will be seasoned with many more years of experience, which they can only improve what was already excellent.

Thus, after what is the equivalent of a lifetime, a more mature Washington and Fanning once again lend their talents to give life to a new movie that promises a lot and that we are already dying to see. The premiere of vigilante 3 is scheduled for September 1, 2023.

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Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning will work together again after almost 20 years of ‘Man on Fire’