Dear actor of the golden cinema had a sad death, but had before in a last role with Cantinflas

Arturo from Cordova he was one of the most prolific actors in the country. In his career there are credits in more than a hundred projects, since he participated in at least 80 films mexican, four documentaries, nine tapes in Hollywood, five more in Argentina, another five in Brazil, among other.

With his particular style he became one of the most seen faces in the era dorada of the who Mexican. In addition to his talent, he was fluent in English, since from the age of 12 he was taken from Merida until state United; later lived in Switzerland and Argentina.

It seemed that nothing would stop the pilgrimage in the world of man; however, he returned for a time to Merida to visit the area. There he met Enna Arana Dominguez, with whom he fell totally in love to the point that he decided to stay in Mexico and have four children with his wife.

To earn a living, he decided to enter the radio as a broadcaster. In this field he succeeded to the degree that the director Arcady sizes decided to take advantage of the local fame he had garnered in the XEW and give him a role in the movie “Jealousy“, in which he participated alongside Fernando Soler and Vilma Vida.

He participated in about 100 productions. PHOTO: Special.

Which is your best movie?

Arturo Garcia Rodriguez it was his original name; However, this seemed very common to the director, so he baptized the actor with his artistic nickname in the credits: Arturo from Cordova.

In this way, he was part of the poster in productions such as “El conde de Montecristo” (1941); “Twilight” (1945); “May God pay for it” (1948); “The forest of fire” (1945); “The kneeling goddess” (1947); “The man without a face” (1950); “Stolen Paradise” (1951); “When the fog lifts” (1952).

Along with these projects, he also participated in various projects in Spain, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil; however, his best period was in Mexico.

According to the list of the 100 best films of Mexican cinema produced by the magazine “Are” in 1994, “The skeleton of Mrs. Morales” is at number 19. This production starred Arturo, who carried out one of his best roles.

In this installment, the idol of who Mexican plays a taxidermist who is subjected to psychological violence by his wife, who is bitter because she has a malformed leg. After this, the man decides to murder his wife and hide her remains at his workplace.

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It is part of several of the most important films of the time. PHOTO: Special.

A sad ending

The last job the actor had in his life was due to Mario Moreno, better known as Cantinflas in the movie “The teacher”. In this tape you can see From Cordova interpreting the governor of a town that does not realize the corruption that is in him.

In the recording you can see how the interpreter was rigid in front of the screen. This happened because a few months before he had suffered a stroke that had affected the motor skills of the left part of his body.

This did nothing but unite Mario already Arturo, who had already had a solid friendship for years and also respected each other for the broad trajectory that each had achieved in their styles. During the time he was in the hospital, Cantinflas visited his colleague on several occasions.

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The reduced conditions of his body, the inability to work and the lack of activity increasingly affected his health, until on November 3, 1973 he died in the Town from Mexico, after suffering a stroke.

At the time he was 65 years old, of which he devoted at least 35 years to acting. On his deathbed he was accompanied by his wife, the also actress Many López.

During his histrionic activity he won three awards Ariel by Better Performance male for the film “In the palm of your hand”, “The three perfect married women” and “Happy new year, my love”.