June 15, 2021

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‘Dead man does not know how to live’: Corruption and drug trafficking in the EXCLUSIVE trailer of the violent ‘thriller’ starring Antonio Dechent

Dead man does not know how to live Corruption and

The directorial debut Ezekiel Montes competes in the Official Section of the Malaga Festival. The film, with Rubén Ochandiano, Elena Martínez, Jesús Castro and Paco Tous opens in theaters on July 2.

Dead man does not know how to live, the first opera by Ezekiel Montes, hits Spanish cinemas on July 2nd. Before its theatrical release, this violent ‘thriller’ with corruption and drug trafficking in between, will compete in the Official Section of Malaga Festival, event that takes place on June 3-13. On SensaCine we offer you the EXCLUSIVE trailer of the film, which features Antonio Dechent (Operation Shrimp) as the protagonist.

With the Costa de Sol as a backdrop, Dead man does not know how to live follow Tano, a man who has spent his whole life working for Manuel. The latter is a construction businessman who in better times controlled the entire city.

Today, Tano knows that Manuel, already in old age, cannot run the company as before. This event will cause a real stir when all those involved face a generational change, new businesses and a new way of running the company. The only thing that does not change is that everything moves with the same violence as always.

With this project, Montes makes his debut in the direction of feature films after being behind the cameras of some short films and the series 50 kilos. In addition to being a director, Montes is also known for his role as a producer with titles such as The Nomad Y This love is from another planet.

Shot in Malaga, Cadiz Y Marbella; Dead man does not know how to live account in his cast with Rubén Ochandiano (The silence of the white city), Elena Martínez (This love is from another planet), Jesús Castro (The boy), Paco Tous (Paco’s men), Nancho Novo (The red squirrel), Juan Fernández (Alone) and Manuel de Blas (Goya’s ghosts). On these lines, do not miss the trailer.