Daniel Craig sounds for two MCU roles

Daniel Craig, who recently said goodbye to his role as James Bond, sounds to bring one of these two iconic Marvel Comics characters to life.

007: No Time to Die, the next great premiere of the longest saga in the history of cinema, has already finished filming. In commemoration of the closing of the recordings, its protagonist, Daniel Craig, He took the opportunity to give an emotional farewell speech, since after this installment he will be preparing to abandon the role that he accompanied for five titles since 2006. However, his career would not be close to losing the fury.

The celebrity has just signed for a figure around 100 million dollars for the franchise of Knives Out, recently acquired by Netflix and directed by Rian Johnson. However, English is about to join the most recognized cinematographic universe of the moment, that of Marvel.

Apparently, along with Henry Cavill, the British are part of the great wishes of the company for its next projects. In this way, the formation of a new team of Avengers, as well as the arrival of the X-Men and of Fantastic 4, they would open the doors for both of them to enter the ring.

Cavill, meanwhile, has been associated with two heroes: Captain Britain and The black knight, its nature of United Kingdom would make the ex-Super man appear as a big favorite for the casting executives of ‘La Casa de las Ideas’.

The James Bond a…

For its part, the information portal Giant Freakin’ Robot has just published the possibility that his compatriot, Craig, is also in the plans of the production company. Like the previous one, there would also be two characters that you could bring to life.

It is, first of all, the Wonder man, a recognized avenger and with moderate concentration and energy transformation. However, it would not be of great impact, contrary to the other option, which places it as the next Victor Von Doom.

Yes, the artist could personify the great villain of Fantastic 4, making a mini-universe around said group, already with Kang on stage.

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