Daniel Craig demonstrates by dancing to have freed himself from James Bond

Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc in Backstabbers: The Mystery of the Glass Onion. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

Dancing, like any physical activity, releases endorphins. The so-called happiness hormones. and seeing Daniel Craig dancing like the most cool of this planet in his most recent professional appearance, anyone would say that he is happier than ever. Free, unbound and away from the saga of james-bondshowing himself as never before in his more than 15 years associated with the 007 universe.

I’m talking about the commercial that the actor starred in for the Belvedere Vodka brand. An advertising spot directed by Taika Waititi -a visionary mind when it comes to breaking molds and labels- where Daniel Craig she frees herself from James Bond by dancing and stating that now a new era begins, another image and professional intention for her successful career.

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Daniel Craig is another one. Literally. After carrying the weight of an iconic character like James Bond for a few years, and infecting us with the feeling of not being comfortable with the backpack he carried on his back (on more than one occasion he was not very enthusiastic when it came to talk about future sequels), the actor dances and frees himself. Of the ties of such an imposing role, of having his projects living under the shadow of 007.

The 54-year-old actor officially said goodbye to James Bond in October last year with the premiere of It’s not time to die, after about 18 months of delay due to the pandemic. And since then we had not seen him in action again. The fifth and last installment of him was actually shot in 2019, and if we take into account that his next film, Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion, It was shot between June and September 2021, then he spent two years away from film action. Two years to give himself time and start rebuilding his career in this post-Bond stage. That, in view is, could not be more promising.

What’s more, in this sequel he was reunited with one of his classmates. spectre, dave baptist. And as the actor commented in an interview, Daniel Craig radiated a happiness he didn’t know when they made the sequel to James Bond together. “He really gave it his all for Bond,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “You could feel that he was under a lot of pressure. He didn’t seem like the happiest person in Bond, but in ‘Glass Onion’ he was the complete opposite. He was very funny, and he was always smiling and happy and interacted much more”.

Daniel Craig was always a standout actor with a talent that sometimes ended up going unnoticed. Sometimes due to poorly executed productions, as was the case with dream house either Cowboys & Aliens, and others for joining small projects that did not have the impact they deserved. For example, kings, an independent film that although it had its flaws, he stood out as Halle Berry’s rude but good-hearted neighbor. However, just as he was preparing to say goodbye to 007, a new door opened. the one of Daggers in the back.

No one knew for sure if that whodunit He was going to find his audience. After all, it was a very hackneyed genre hung in the past, with an ensemble cast where everyone stood out equally and with Daniel Craig playing a character who, a priori, seemed to be one more within the great artistic equation that populated that story. : Detective Benoit Blanc, an expert in solving murders. However, the film was a box office success reaping 311 million dollars (about 301 million euros on the $40 million budget), leading to Netflix wasted no time and paid $469 million for the rights (€454 million) to develop two sequels. And at that moment the new stage of Daniel Craig began. One to which she now opens the door dancing as a symbol of emancipation bondiana that vibrates his career.

I had the opportunity to see Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery in October during the London Film Festival, coming across a sequel worthy of the success of its predecessor and where Daniel Craig breaks the mold of his career. Not only does he leave James Bond behind with an opposite character, but he immerses himself in it by giving it more shape, allowing us to get to know him more thoroughly, delving into his life, personality and relationships with the great discovery of his homosexuality (it is not spoiler: he confirmed it director Rian Johnson himself at the film’s premiere, via SlashFilm).

In this second part, the filmmaker manages to expand the saga from the universe of Benoit Blanc and with a new mystery to decipher, from an eloquent, intelligent, cheeky plot and with a luxury cast led by Daniel Craig. If we add to this his revelation as the coolest guy of the year in the commercial, we have the rebirth of a star who intends to show us that his image is not going to remain stagnant in the profile of James Bond.

That’s why, wherever they see him, dancing, coolclad in a tank top and shading Hugh Grant’s iconic dances in Love Actually and Tom Cruise in Risky business, this Englishman born in 1968 is telling us that there he is, free, happy and dedicated to whatever comes. Prepared to show other facets and open up to new opportunities.

Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion opens in theaters on November 22, then lands on Netflix on December 23

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Daniel Craig demonstrates by dancing to have freed himself from James Bond