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The family of superheroes is back in the hands of Marvel and will join the Disney franchise in the near future with a movie that will present us with a never-before-seen version of this team that has already made it to the screen several times thanks to the work of other film studios. Due to how complicated it has been for the company to have all those characters again, the expectation of the fans is through the roof and Marvel Studios has the pressure on them to present not only a good adaptation but the welcome they deserve.

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A few days before Expo D23, more rumors than usual were uncovered around this anticipated project. One of the main questions around has to do with its cast; Several actors have had the opportunity to become characters such as Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, but too many names have come up for this new adaptation, which in the end are confusing due to the number of talents seeking to get into this production.

During the Marvel panel at the event, the cast was not announced, despite the fact that many news about the following adaptations of Marvel Studios were presented, but what we already know is that the film will arrive on November 8, 2024 under the direction of Matt Shakman.

Days before the event began, reports began to appear indicating that jodie eat would play Sue Storm, also known as the Invisible Woman, and various media put Penn Badgley in the role of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. It was even mentioned that Harrison Ford He would join the MCU since he would have a role in this project that he hopes to do things in a better way than his predecessors.

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Before talking about these Fantastic Four, the Marvel Cinematic Universe fulfilled the dream of many fans by presenting John Krasinski as an alternate version of Reed Richards within Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88%. In fact, it also served to see how one of the most popular versions of the character in the comics that have been published in recent years would be adapted.

The first time he took the characters from Fantastic four to the screen was in 1992 with a low-budget film, but it was only in 2004 that another film began to be produced. This was released the following year under the name of Fantastic Four (2005) – 27% and a rather bad reception by critics despite the fact that many rescue the interpretation of Chris Evans like the Human Torch. This adaptation had a sequel that came to theaters in 2007 with the title of Fantastic Four and the Silver Speeder – 37%. Like the previous one, it failed to convince either the media or Marvel fans, but 20th Century Fox, the studio that held the rights at the time, did not rest until they made another movie to maintain control over these characters.

It was there that one of the worst adaptations of superhero movies ever made appeared on the map: The Fantastic Four. This was not only harshly criticized by fans and critics in unison, but it was also full of controversy for everything the director said after his project had such a bad time after its premiere. Thanks to this adaptation, Josh Trank he lost every ounce of credibility and his subsequent link to another high-profile franchise created a public panic. This forced him to keep a low profile and not get as many projects to work on as he would have if the opportunity he had with production based on Marvel comics had gone well.

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D23 2022 | The release date of The Fantastic Four is confirmed | tomatoes