Cruz Contreras, ‘Spider-Man’ animator, strongly criticized visual effects of ‘The Flash’

‘The Flash’ has already been released in theaters and so far it has been well received by the public, however, the visual effects have left much to be desired, which is why the Mexican Cruz Contreras, ‘Spider-Man’ animator, has given your opinion

Flash It is probably one of the most controversial premieres of the season, especially due to the problematic participation of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, who in recent years has been accused of committing different crimes, including sexual harassment. After a long wait and multiple delays, Andy Muschietti’s film It has reached theaters around the world, having a good acceptance by the public, however many have complained about the low quality of the special effects, especially in the speedforce.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you better check back later because there are bound to be a bit of spoilers.

Faced with multiple criticisms, the director of Item He came to the defense and assured in an interview with Gizmodo that everything was intentional. “The idea, of course, is… we’re in the Flash’s perspective. Everything is distorted in terms of lighting and textures. We go into this aquatic world which is basically being in Barry’s POV. It was part of the design, so if you’re interested in It seems a bit weird, it’s like that on purpose,” he explained. However, the Mexican entertainer, Cruz Contreras, known for participating in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verseshared his opinion on the matter, taking into account his work experience.

Through his TikTok account, the Mexican confessed that the film disappointed him and although he applauded the performance of Ezra Miller as Flash and Sasha Calle as Supergirl, he admitted that it was not what he expected. “What destroyed the movie for me were the bad visual effects,” he began. Contreras stopped by to talk specifically about the baby sequence, yes, that scene where Barry has to save some newborns as the hospital falls apart. Although the timing is quite comical, we have to admit that the CGI is quite questionable.

The Mexican compared the sequence with that of Quicksilver (Evan Peters) in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where the superhero uses his super speed to avoid a confrontation between Wolvernie (Hugh Jackman), Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Xavier (James McAvoy) with a group of security guards. “That sequence is a gem in visual effects and suddenly we have this sequence in Flash where everything just looks wrong,” Contreras continued, assuring that the babies looked fake.

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It also seemed surprising to him that having this Marvel background, DC Studios had not managed to make a quality sequence, since now there are new technologies. Regarding Muschietti’s statement, Contreras is sure that it was not intentional. In addition, this situation seems worrying, since they worked with large special effects studios that have even been Oscar winners, including Weta, which was behind Avatar by James Cameron.

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“I am not judging the visual effects artists, I think that the visual effects artists that work in these studios are very good, I think it was a very bad direction,” he concluded. Contreras is known for sharing videos where he analyzes the animation effects of different productions, including CGI; he even made one about the live-action The little Mermaid with halle bailey, which was also criticized for its underwater effects. Do you agree with Contreras?

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Cruz Contreras, ‘Spider-Man’ animator, strongly criticized visual effects of ‘The Flash’