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Andrew Garfield he literally made superhero fans fall in love with his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92% and what the public had been waiting for has finally come true. A new report released by Deadline confirms that Sony has authorized the production of The Amazing Spider-Man 3, the project that fans had been requesting since December 25, when the hashtag # MakeTASM3 became a worldwide trend, demanding the return of Andrew like good Peter Parker. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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It’s true, Garfield He wasn’t everyone’s favorite Spider-Man, that position had it Tobey Maguire. However, for the past few months, Andrew did some clever interviews for the press or talk shows in which he was overflowing with charisma, perfectly handling the situation about the spoilers that had leaked from No Way Home, a brilliant move on his part. Little by little, the star won the love of the public again and we finally saw him appear in the film as Spider-Man.

In a surprising and unexpected exclusive, Deadline confirms that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 it’s already on its way thanks to Sony. As if that were not enough, the report mentions that Tom Hardy He will also be involved in the project as Eddie Brock, so Venom’s appearance will also be included in the adventure. Although the media does not provide deep details about what we will see in the film, without a doubt it will be something completely spectacular, capable of vindicating Garfield’s position as a Spider-Man that deserves all the respect of the public.

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The scenes with Andrew Garfield in No way home they connected with the public in such a way that it quickly became a favorite of many. Sony’s shots marched towards the sympathy and compassion we can feel for their Peter Parker due to unresolved experiences and trauma. When he looks at Parker from Tom Holland and to MJ, together, in his face we can see the sadness of remembering Gwen Stacy and that he is alone. Before the Peter of Tobey Maguire He confesses that he does not have a partner and that he is not interested. But the straw that broke the camel’s back of affection for the character was when he saves MJ from dying in conditions similar to Gwen’s; Peter asks her “are you okay?”, She answers “yes, I’m fine” and her face Andrew acquires a wince of pain that has not been indifferent to anyone.

Sony saw the high numbers of # MakeTASM3 on Twitter and hasn’t thought twice about giving fans just what they want (learn a bit Warner Bros.). But although The Amazing Spider-Man 3 It has finally been confirmed after the efforts of the fans, it will be a long time until we have juicy news about its production. At this time, Sony continues to work on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Part One, so she is loaded with work on Spider-Man. Keep an eye on all our social networks to find out before anyone else about all the news.

At this point, dear reader, we didn’t want to say to you, but “innocent little dove that you let yourself be fooled”, happy April Fools’ Day! Although the news is actually a joke, we hope that Sony will not take long to give the good news about the production of The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

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CONFIRMED: Sony to Produce The Amazing Spider-Man 3 with Andrew Garfield | Tomatazos