Confirm a Streets of Rage movie with the creator of John Wick

The creator of John Wick, Derek Kolstad, will be in charge of bringing an adaptation of the Streets of Rage video game to the big screen.

They have confirmed a Streets of Rage movie with the creator of John Wick. Lionsgate is officially developing the film adaptation. This title is a franchise of video game from Sega which began in 1991. The series follows three former police officers who fight their way through streets filled with enemies in an attempt to take down the evil mastermind Mr. X. Two sequels followed, the third being the the last one in 1994. However, the series was revived in 2020 with the fourth part, which got fabulous reviews and became a bestseller.

As reported Deadline in exclusive, Lionsgate has acquired the rights to adapt to the cinema from Sega’s Streets of Rage franchise. Derek Kolstad, screenwriter of John Wick, Nobody and the series of Marvel Studios on Falcon and the Winter Soldier, will be in charge of making the script of the story. Derek Kolstad will also act as a producer on the project. The man is excited to tackle his adaptation as soon as possible. “My 10-year-old self is still smiling,” said the filmmaker and writer.

What can we expect from this surprising adaptation?

Unlike the recently announced film adaptation of Gears of War, Streets of Rage games feature a simple setting that allows players to roam the streets while fighting off waves of enemies. Although the ultimate goal was to take down Mr. X, the plot was built to serve the game’s function. That’s why, in the film adaptation the characters and the world will have to develop in the purest John Wick style.

Given Derek Kolstad’s enthusiasm for the project beyond John Wick, it’s likely that the Streets of Rage movie will stick very closely to the source material. Players had three characters to choose from in the original game: Axel, Blaze, and Adam.. That means they’re the characters fans of the game will want to see. If they decide to pull characters from the entire franchise, it is possible that we will also see Blaze or Max, but they were not introduced until the second game. However, most likely the villain of the story will continue to be Mr. X and The Syndicate, the shadowy organization he leads.

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Confirm a Streets of Rage movie with the creator of John Wick