Colin Farrell almost died on the set of the North Water

The North Water (known in Spain as The frozen blood) He has left us frozen with its trailer and first details, but colder has passed Colin Farrell filming this miniseries that comes from the hand of Andrew Haigh. This is how the actor himself has told it and, the truth is that we believe that it was a traumatic experience: the filming moved to the Arctic itself, where the cold waters and low temperatures have made this recording quite an odyssey. Composed of five episodes, it premieres in October on Movistar +.

The frozen blood almost killed Colin Farrell

“It has been tough but incredibly rewarding, like life itself”, are the words that Farrell began with describing his experience on the set of The frozen blood (va Men’s Health). Produced by the BBC, this miniseries adapts the novel by Ian McGuire and takes viewers back to the 19th century, accompanying the characters aboard a whaling expedition in the middle of the Arctic. “The cold, the silence and the beauty of the Arctic … it has been an honor to be able to play this role“.

Judging from the trailer, Farrell seems to be playing one of the whale hunters: Henry Drax. The synopsis of the series presents him as a brutal character, a murderer “whose morality has been molded to suit the harshness of his world.” How has Farrell dealt with this experience? According to him, the therapy he has followed has been to go telling his children in video what the day was like in this shoot “to unload” his emotions.

“I was telling a very ugly story on screen, under tough conditions, and that set me free,” says Farrell. “I have never played a character with so little guilt., or doing such despicable things, and I couldn’t get away from that character. He was always with me because 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I was inhabiting this physical space that was very different for me. “

Taking into account that is going to play the Pingino on the tape The Batman With Robert Pattinson, of course the harpooner Drax sounds like the most despicable creature on the face of the earth. The truth is that this character ended up taking hold of him, because Farrell ended up separating himself from the rest of the production: “I isolated myself as never before and I consider myself a very sociable person. But I wanted to feel that loneliness.”

Seeing death around every corner

But Farrell not only had to deal with his own character: he also had to deal with the conditions around him. “I had the feeling that death was always very close”, he comments. “We were walking through ice floes, the ground was cracking as we passed, a walrus almost attacked us while we were filming and we saw several polar bears; in fact, the people on the team were carrying rifles just in case.”

Finally, remember the following: “In fact, when the danger was very real, an alarm sounded and we have to cut to avoid greater evils. The bears and their cubs were beautiful, but also very dangerous if threatened. “We will get a chance to see his adventures as Henry Drax once he The frozen blood debut in the Movistar + catalog this coming October.

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