“Cobra Kai”: Why Jackie Chan Will Never Reappear As Mr. Han From The 2010 Movie

Some years before the launch of ““, Sony tried to restart””With a modern take on the franchise, starring Y . Like Mr. Han and Dre Parker, respectively, the actors relived the dynamics of the Mr. Miyagi and Daniel Larusso films, albeit outside of their timeline and without the same luck.

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Unlike “” (2010), “”Takes up the original saga, a few decades later, with several of the characters that marked more than a generation, including Daniel himself, Johnny Lawrence and, more recently, John Kreese. Also, since the show’s fourth season, as a new threat to the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang teams.

So, since returns are an important part of the “”, Could Mr. Han jump from Jackie Chan to the current show ? The answer is no.


, the actor who plays Daniel in “”, Explained that only characters related to Mr. Miyagi could reappear in the sequel to “Karate Kid” And that leaves Mr. Han out of the equation, as he was creatively born for a reboot of the franchise.

Anyone who has met Mr. Miyagi and interacted with Mr. Miyagi is canon of our show, from ‘“Macchio explained in an interview he gave to the YouTube channel .

As 2010’s “The Karate Kid” is not set in the same universe as the original saga, its characters could not reappear in “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Sony Pictures)

Macchio specified that it doesn’t matter if certain characters never shared a screen with Daniel or Johnny in the past. If you met Mr. Miyagi, you have space in “”, in the fourth film of the saga.

In the case of the characters of and Jaden Smith, the doors are closed, although a special participation of the actors cannot be ruled out, as long as they arrive in Los Angeles under different names.

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from 2021 by . In addition, a fifth installment, which could be the last of the show, has already been recorded by the same team.

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“Cobra Kai”: Why Jackie Chan Will Never Reappear As Mr. Han From The 2010 Movie