Cinesa is going to let you play ‘FIFA’ on its giant screens for €250 (because you can no longer live from the cinema)

The Spanish box office is recovering from the pandemic crisis, but it is not enough because the figures are not spectacular and potholes and sudden drops abound. Cinesa, one of the most widespread cinema chains in Spain (500 screens spread over 40 cinemas), continues to spin the business, and now proposes a new approach to the experience of the big screen: rent to individuals to use it as a video console screen. The ‘Call of Duty’ (very) big.

The box office does not wake up. In theory, 2022 was going to mean the return to normality of so many businesses that stopped during the pandemic. According to the figures, the improvement compared to 2021 has been, in global terms, obvious and remarkable: collections speak, since January, of a total improvement of 261%. The trajectory, however, seems to have stopped, and last September it happened, confirming the downward trend that began in May, the first month with a negative evolution: one million viewers less than in September 2021

In October Things didn’t get any better, and that was backed by the ever-successful Film Festival. Although compared to September the situation has not presented such negative signs, the decline has continued compared to last year: the fall was 12.26% comparing September with its analogous 2021 and between the two Octobers, a decrease of 6.07% . This month, the top-grossing movies were ‘Smile‘, ‘Black Adam‘ and the new ‘Tadeo Jones’, still in the top even though it was released in September.

Video games on the screen. Continuing with its strategy of renting the rooms to individuals and companies for experiences that go beyond the mere projection of films, Cinesa announces that its rooms are now available for the screens to support video games. You just have to take any of your cinemas, after contracting the necessary service, console or equipment.

Cinesa has prepared several options with different prices: Cinesa Pack Gaming, which allows 2.5 hours to play for 20 people and its corresponding 20 menus and can be contracted from Monday to Thursday. Cinesa also offers the Cinesa Pack Gaming Deluxe for 25 euros more, it is only available in three cinemas throughout the national territory (Equinoccio and La Moraleja in Madrid and Bonaire in Valencia), but the company does not specify what the improvement consists of.

Cinesa diversifies. It’s not the first time that Cinesa announces that it rents its rooms for activities other than the traditional projection of films. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic and just a few weeks before the declaration of the second state of alarm, the highly anticipated ‘no time to die‘, Daniel Craig’s last film as James Bond, was delayed again. In response, Cinesa announced that it was reducing prices through multi-entry cards and subscriptions with special promotions.

But in addition, Cinesa opened the possibility of reserving rooms, a variation of an already existing offer for companies that, extended to individuals, allowed them to buy ticket packages, reserve rooms for celebrations (proposals!) or meetings, project films from the catalog de Cinesa and offered menus in the cinema bar for up to 20 people, a maximum conditioned by the restrictions of the pandemic. The price then was 250 euros for normal rooms and 275 for LUXE rooms, and it was a clear precedent for this expansion of screens to video games.

He scratches where he can. These Cinesa strategies are one more of the maneuvers that Spanish cinemas are taking to obtain benefits beyond the cinema tickets themselves. At the beginning of this year, for example, the ban on viewers in the theaters of the Yelmo de go to the rooms with their own food and drinks. This prohibition without legal basis has led to some complaints of abusive behavior and, above all, it shows how far some rooms are willing to go to avoid losing a penny of income.

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Cinesa is going to let you play ‘FIFA’ on its giant screens for €250 (because you can no longer live from the cinema)