Cillian Murphy went on an extreme diet for his role in Oppenheimer

A movie that is in everyone’s sights is oppenheimerfrom the director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight). The tape narrates about the origins of the atomic bomb, from the hand of its creator, J. Robert Oppenheimer. Cillian Murphy plays the main character, and in order to represent his thinness, the actor had to undergo a radical diet.

Murphy stopped eating, which led to more high cheekbones and more pronounced eye sockets. You become competitive with yourself, to the point that it is no longer healthy. I do not recommend it”the actor explained.

Her rapid weight loss was so alarming that her co-star, Emily Blunt, admitted that she was worried about her health. He had such a monumental commitment. And he could only eat one almond every day. he was so emaciated”, explained in the international environment Extra.

According to Murphy, the recordings were constant and the fact of going from location to location did not allow him to think much about hunger. The film was filmed in New Mexico, the University of Cambridge in England, the University of California in Los Angeles, and Princeton University in New Jersey.

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It’s like you’re on this fucking train that’s just getting bombed. It’s bang bang bang. You sleep for a few hours, get up and bang again. I was running on crazy energy and I crossed a threshold where I didn’t care about anything anymore, not even food, but it was good because the character was the same. He never ateexplained for Guardian. Murphy explained that the real Oppenheimer did not get to eat either: he subsisted on cigarettes and double martinis.

For those who have already seen the film, most admit that they were terrified after seeing the film.

“Some people walk out of the movie completely devastated. they can’t talk”, explained the director, Christopher Nola, for Wired. “I mean, there’s an element of angst that’s in the story and in the foundation, but the love of the characters, the love in the relationships is stronger than I’ve ever done. It is an intense experience, because it is an intense story. I recently showed the film to a filmmaker who said it’s some kind of horror movie. I don’t disagree”, he explained.


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Cillian Murphy went on an extreme diet for his role in Oppenheimer