Christopher Nolan can no longer boast of not having used CGI in Oppenheimer

The director has not been able to prevent that the censorship of some countries has made that, finally, Oppenheimer has some CGI.

It would be crazy to think that Barbie has been the only Barbenheimer film to have problems with censorship. His ordeals with the censors in Vietnam and the Philippines may have been high-profile, but the controversies over Oppenheimer’s sex scenes haven’t come short either.

In fact, the consternation in countries like India or Pakistan for fiery scenes, especially some full nudes of Florence Pughhave led to good Christopher Nolan no longer being able to boast that Oppenheimer is a completely CGI-free film, at least in those countries.

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Before Oppenheimer hit theaters to be Barbie’s “counterpart” in that highly publicized duel, the director of movies like Tenet or The Dark Knight claimed that his biopic about the so-called father of the atomic bomb did not contain a single computer-generated image.

Censorship has changed that in the most singular way possible, and that is that Florence Pugh has been planted with a digitally generated dress in a scene in which she appears naked sitting in an armchair.

One of Oppenheimer’s greatest virtues is ruined by censorship

In addition to how shocking the image itself is, as can be seen in the snapshot shared on Twitter by Florence Pugh Daily, the sex scenes have been edited to show as little as possible, using selective zoom and blur at will.

Christopher Nolan He has strongly defended the presence of the sex scenes in Oppenheimer, arguing that they are necessary to understand the life of the scientist with the women who marked him. He sequences that are, in fact, the first fully nude filmed in IMAX.

But innovation does not serve to appease the censors. Oppenheimer is also including editions with anti-smoking warnings in some countries and, in India, subtitles have been edited to remove some profanity.

Have you seen Oppenheimer in theaters yet? What did you think of Christopher Nolan’s feature film about the father of the atomic bomb?

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Christopher Nolan can no longer boast of not having used CGI in Oppenheimer