Chris O’Donnell: How He Goed From Starring In Batman And Robin To Running His Own Pizza Business

Many will remember the famous movie that it was carried out by Chris O’Donnell and that in spite of the good expectations that were had of her, some described it as a failure. However, the actor managed to recover from that situation and today he lives away from the recording sets, the lights and the superhero clothes and dedicates himself to his own pizza business.

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Precisely, the actor himself recognized this years after the premiere of the film (1997), where Arnold Schwarzenegger played Captain Cold and George Clooney gave life to Batman.

This is the story of a young actor who, after having achieved the success of being in the acclaimed Hollywood, became a pizza salesman because, sometimes, films do not always break the expected audience record.

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In their social networks, above all, in Instagram The actor posts photos of the products (pizza) he offers, and in one of the snapshots he is seen carrying several boxes of this food.


Chris O’Donnell started working recording commercials and had an opportunity to film a McDonald’s campaign alongside Michael Jordan. Then in 1990 he was chosen to be part of the movie Men Never Go.

There I would share roles with Kathy BatesAn actress recognized for her performance in Misery (1990), she also proposed to director Jon Avnet that he auditioned her for the role of Buddy Threadgoode in Fried Green Tomatoes (1991). It was there that Chris became known worldwide.

He also had great recognition with films such as “Women perfume”, “The Bachelor”, “Batman Forever” Y “Vertical limit”.

But a very important fact is that when Chris agreed to star in Batman & Robin, with this he resigned from the main character in Titanic. That was not all, then, he also discarded the proposal of Steven Spielberg who told him to play one of the Men in Black.

But unfortunately, the film was not fully accepted by the public so the actor had to bring his talent to the small screen. Years later he was part of the cast of series such as Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: Los Angeles and Two and a Half Men.


The actor married in 1997 with Caroline, sister of his best friend, and the wedding took place in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, in New York (USA). From that moment he chose to think first of his family than of artistic life. At the age of two his first daughter, Lily, was born, later Christopher Jr., Charles, Finley and Maeve would arrive.


These are some of the films in which the actor participated:

Honor Code (1992)

The Three Musketeers (1993)

Blue Sky (1994)

Circle of Friends (1995)

Crazy Love (1995)

Batman Forever (1995)

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