Chris Evans says he’s willing to do anything to make Star Wars

Chris Evans’s dream is to appear in a product of starwars. It doesn’t matter who you play. He says that he is willing to do anything to get it.

Chris Evans it is very clear. The dream of his life is to be part of the franchise of starwars. After having won the hearts of millions of fans playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universethe actor said goodbye to the role of steve rogers in Avengers: Endgame. After going through daggers in the back (2019), has now returned to the world of blockbuster sagas by the hand of disney-pixar with the spin-off of toy story made by buzz lightyear.

However, Chris Evans wants more. The Hollywood star has touched the stars in Lightyear and the motto “To infinity and beyond” has made good. Star Wars is his next horizon and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop until he gets it. “I would do whatever it takes to appear in the Lucasfilm saga,” the actor said in an interview with MTVNews. “Even if it was just to play stormtrooper, I’d be thrilled.” The truth is that if we are going to have this legend of modern cinema, we prefer it to be a leading role or, at least, a supporting role with weight in the plot.

What role could suit the Hollywood star?

Come to think of it coldly, we can’t think of any established Star Wars characters that would fit Chris Evans like a glove. Perhaps the best thing would be to create it from scratch for him and make it grow. The movie of Taika Waititi is on the horizon and as we found out the other daydirector’s plans Thor: Love and Thunder They try to get as far away as possible from the Skywalker Saga. Therefore, Taika Waititi’s film could be the best option for the actor. In addition, the two have been part of Marvel Studios.

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Chris Evans says he’s willing to do anything to make Star Wars