“Chile is a well-dressed, but miserable country” – BBC News Mundo

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image source, Icarus Films


Patricio Guzmán during the filming of “My imaginary country”.

The documentary filmmaker Patricio Guzmán (Santiago, 1941) has dedicated his career to portraying and trying to understand Chile, a path in which he has created such emblematic titles as “The Battle of Chile”, “Salvador Allende”, “The Pinochet Case” and ” The nostalgia of the light”.

Author of more than 20 films, his titles stand out for their strong defense of human rights and his reflections in the first person. His voice and his style have been recognized internationally, with his works awarded at festivals as prestigious as Berlin and Cannes.

In his last job, “My Imaginary Country”Guzmán gives his view regarding the huge protests that broke out in Chile in October 2019 and that led to the drafting of a new Magna Carta by a democratically elected Assembly.

The filmmaker filmed the euphoria for the change that Chile experienced in those days, the violence with which many of the demonstrations were repressed, and the destruction that the clashes left in their wake.

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“Chile is a well-dressed, but miserable country” – BBC News Mundo