Check out the emotional trailer for ‘C’mon C’mon’, Joaquin Phoenix’s new film

It seems incredible, but we are a few weeks away from the end of 2021 and despite that, we still have a lot of interesting releases for the rest of the year. And in particular, this time we want to tell you about C’mon C’mon, a film that excites us for different reasons, one of which is that it is the new production of A24 –producer that has presented us with spectacular films–, but also because it has the very Joaquin Phoenix as the protagonist.

As you will remember, after a long time waiting for it and that they gave it to them, in 2020 this act won the Oscar for Best Actor for playing Arthur Fleck in Joker de Todd Phillips. Since then and after becoming a father with Rooney Mara (HERE we leave the gossip to you), Phoenix has practically gone unnoticed. However, now he surprises us with a new dramatic film where it will surely continue to leave us with the square eye with its incredible performances.

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Joaquin Phoenix is ​​back with ‘C’mon C’mon’

To give you an idea of ​​how important this film is, behind the story is the writer and director Mike Mills, which broke into the industry with Thumbsucker 2005, and was in the awards race with his 2010 film, Beginners. But this is Mills’ first production since 2016’s 20th Century Women. Finally this November 9, A24 at last premiered the official trailer of C’mon C’mon, which shows us the project you have been working on Joaquin Phoenix in all this time.

It is a plot full of drama and filmed in black and white in which Phoenix plays a charismatic uncle. However, as the scenes go by in the trailer, it becomes very clear to us that he will be important in the life of his nephew, whom will give you a couple of lessons about life and the duality in it, full of happy and sad moments. Although of course, while all this happens, it is very clear to us that there will be a couple of frictions with his sister that will complicate the situation a bit.

Check out the emotional trailer for 'C'mon C'mon', Joaquin Phoenix's new film

Photo: A24

Without a doubt, this film will show us an extremely human and emotional part, which will surely make us laugh, cry and reflect on our own lives. C’mon C’mon, Joaquin Phoenix’s new film with A24 will be released in some theaters in the United States next November 19th. At the moment it has not been confirmed if it will arrive in Mexico, but while we wait for them to reveal if it will be available in our country, Check out the emotional official trailer of this production below:

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Check out the emotional trailer for ‘C’mon C’mon’, Joaquin Phoenix’s new film