“Charlie Bit My Finger” will be removed from YouTube: The NFT of the viral video was auctioned for more than $ 760 thousand dollars – La Tercera

The original video of “Charlie Bit My Finger” will be removed from Youtube And it is that, despite all the doubts that existed when the plans of the Davies-Carr family were revealed, someone finally bought the NFT of the famous viral.

Specifically, last Sunday, May 23, the auction and an individual identified as “3fmusic” was awarded the non-fungible token o NFT of the video by the sum of $ 760,999 dollars.

Thus, although at the time of writing the original video for “Charlie Bit My Finger” is still available on YouTube, the Davies-Carr family should remove it soon to fulfill the promise that the buyer is “The sole owner of this adorable piece of internet history”, as the auction description promised.

But of course, buying an NFT is not the same as buying a specific thing or item, and in this case, even if the original video disappears from YouTube, it will probably still be shared by other people.

In fact, the auction only says that “the highest bidder will be the sole holder of the Charlie Bit My Finger NFT NFT.” So that the copyright of the video is still somewhat uncertain.

On the other hand, although in the middle of 2021 the fame of “Charlie Bit My Finger” is certainly not the same as the viral one reached 14 years ago, the decision of the family of the protagonists of this 55-second clip is still striking .

After all, the sale of the “Charlie Bit My Finger” NFT follows similar auctions of memes like “Disaster Girl” Y “Nyan Cat”. All within the framework of the rise of the complicated virtual business that continues to attract people involved in viral images or videos.

In that sense, Howard Davies-Carr, the father of the children who star in “Charlie Bit My Finger”, explained to CBS News who wanted to sell the NFT of the video to pay for college for one of their children.

“(The auction) means that Harry goes to college and has a good place to stay and doesn’t have to have a job in a bar,” Davies-Carr said.

The video for “Charlie Bit My Finger” hit YouTube in 2007 and has accumulated more than 883 million views, positioning itself as one of the most viewed virals on that platform.