Captain America 4 has a new title and we already know the official costume of the protagonist

The new Captain America movie showed some more details.

This will no longer be the official name. The chosen title is Captain America: Brave New World.

Marvel fans always look forward to their new additions to the big screen, this latest news is about Captain America: New World Order. Apparently It will no longer be called that and now we also know the official costume that “El Capi” will use in this film. If you want to know what we are going to see in this new movie of the Marvel franchise, do not miss the information.

It was Anthony Mackie himself, the actor who gives life to Sam Wilson in the Marvel universe, who has delighted us with a new photo on the set of filming. Not only does he appear, but we can also see Harrison Ford giving our Falcon some advice. Also, it seems to me that the design of the suit will sound a lot to you if you remember the old Captain America movies.

This is Cap’s new suit in Captain America 4

We have been able to see this photo in the actor’s official Instagram accountAs we have told you, Harrison Ford appears next to him, who gives life to Thunderbolt Ross. The new movie will be called Captain America: A Brave New World and its premiere is scheduled for next May 3, 2024; we still have to wait a bit, but the first brushstrokes are already here.

As you have seen in the image that we have left you just above these lines, Sam Wilson’s new suit is quite different from what we can see in his comics. In fact, we have not been able to avoid that it reminds us of the suit used by Steve Rogers in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It seems that Marvel prefers to stick with the styles that we are already used to in the movies, although we will see what happens later.

As for the name change of the film, the official reason is not yet known, however, it seems that something would have to do with the Captain America comics. More concretely could have a connection to “Secret Empire”, a story where Steve Rogers is actually a member of Hydra. One of these stories has the same name as the new movie “Brave New World”, these stories centered on a group of heroes accepting their lives under the control of Hydra.

There is still nothing official or indication that Chris Evans will return to the MCU to play the evil version of Steve Rogers, therefore all we can do now is wait for official news. We will be very attentive to bring you everything related to this new movie, but you can go welcoming Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. Although many did not want to accept it, it is time to take a step forward.

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Captain America 4 has a new title and we already know the official costume of the protagonist