But where can the DC Universe go after ‘Flash’?

With Flash something very unpleasant happens, and that is that the experience we can have of the film is marked by everything we know that has happened behind the scenes. It is not so much that it is difficult to see Barry Allen as someone oblivious to his interpreter’s history of assaults and crimes ezra miller (she’s not the first questionable Hollywood celebrity we’ve come across, after all), but on a purely corporate level, assuming Flash within a plan DC Studios and Warner Bros.the film breathes in a very complex scenario.

There has been no other because of how the film has dragged its development over seven years: seven years in which DC and Warner have changed drastically, with countless deviations and dances of positions. The main thing we could say about this realm, setting aside all the Miller stuff, is that Flash comes on the heels of a shift in DC’s power hierarchy, just as much liked dwayne johnson say that he was going to provoke Black Adam. The movie actually had to do with something like that, but to its detriment: Black Adamwhich belongs to the same continuity as Flashhas not worked at the box office and will not have a sequel.

The failed landing of The Rock in DC has had other consequences, too: Johnson’s ambition made him try to falsify the box office figures to generate the idea that Black Adam deserved a sequel, while taking advantage of the momentary managerial vacuum at DC to attract henry cavill and cast him in his movie leading to the promise that there would be a sequel to the man of steel. When said void was filled by James Gunn and peter safran everything went to hell: Johnson has fallen out with Warner, man of steel 2 It will not exist and Cavill has been left wanting to be Superman again.

Gunn and Safran have also canceled Wonder Woman 3while the failure of Shazam! The fury of the gods certifies the exhaustion of another key figure in the chronology that inaugurated the snyderverse. Thus we come to Flash, which introduces us to the character of Miller as a member of the League of Justice. Who are the other members? Wonder Woman and Superman, who will not have any more solo films, in addition to the Batman of Ben Affleck (who has assured that this is his farewell), the Cyborg of ray fisher who was fired after triggering an investigation into Warner’s wrongdoing, and Aquaman.

After ‘Flash’

That is to say, Jason Momoawhich premieres at the end of the year Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, sequel postponed the unspeakable. It is still early to gauge both the route of Flash as properly that of Aquaman 2, but assuming they do well at the box office, what could their future be? And what relationship would they establish with Blue Beetlethe other DC movie this summer, which arrives on August 18th? It happens, finally, that after 2023 there are no more films of the main continuity programmed. It could all end with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomthe next December 20th.

For all these reasons, the effort of Flash It’s kind of quixotic. It is a film that intends to celebrate the legacy of a universe that is now practically disjointed, that seeks to invoke drama by sowing inconsistencies in a timeline that has never known anything else. He even wants to make a “nostalgic effect” with respect to the man of steelthe film that spurred this continuity just ten years ago.

Flash it’s not going anywhere. He has no more Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Cyborg movies ahead of him. Nor, as a direct consequence, is it possible to attempt another League of Justice. It doesn’t even seem likely that Miller could reappear in the future as Flashafter all the problems it has given Warner and how unstable it has turned out to be. Flash has no future. And in case we need more evidence, there’s everything James Gunn and Peter Safran are planning.

Once 2023 elapses we assume that there will be no Batgirl (they canceled its premiere when it was already filmed) and that there may not have been Supergirl (sasha street is presented with aplomb in Flashbut the film has too much baggage to guarantee it), much less a Batman with michael keaton coming back (another comeback of his was removed along with Batgirl). By 2024, a year that seems very complex, also due to the writers’ strike, DC only has planned the premiere of Joker: Folié a deuxhe 4th of October. The sequel to joker it belongs, of course, to a different continuity than all this fuss.

It is known as elseworldsand there is also what Matt Reeves has started to build batman. This film will have a sequel (although it will be delayed) and several series starting with The Penguin, all away from the interference of Barry Allen. Through the elseworlds we can return to the calendar arrived 2025, when some other premiere has been set. Of course, without anything to do with Flash.

In 2025, it is assumed, Gunn and Safran’s plan will really begin. Which will consist of preparing a Marvel mold from the beginning, divided by Phases. As Phase 1 we have Chapter 1: Gods and Monstersand two new versions of Batman and Superman have emerged as projects. The Brave and the Bold and Superman Legacywhich Gunn himself will direct and write with the idea of ​​releasing it on July 11, 2025. From there who knows what will happen, but of course Flash it will have been far away with its character as an event marked by insignificance.

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But where can the DC Universe go after ‘Flash’?