BTS: V is a fan of this romantic Netflix movie, tells the story of two boys in love

V de BTS He is one of the most popular members of K-Pop and has always shown solidarity with his fans, sometimes he used sign language to communicate with them. It also makes recommendations for series and films that have become their favorites.

ARMY can enjoy the recommendations of Korean idols and feel a little closer to them, as their tastes show each other’s personalities.

Although they are world stars, they too have been drawn to other Hollywood artists, actresses, and movies. V she has a love story that has become her favorite and you can currently watch it on Netflix.

Preview of Taehyung de BTS favor

Like any fan, V de BTS enjoy your favorite series and movies in your spare time. The idol seems to prefer love movies, as he is a fan of Lily Collins who has starred in stories like “Love Rosie”, but has also recommended another film that tells the story of two boys who fall in love.

During one of his live broadcasts of the VLive platform, Taehyung shared that he had seen the movie of “Call me by your name”, starring the youth actor Timothée Chalamet, one of the most popular.

The story centers on the young Elio Perlman, a 17-year-old boy who spends the summer of 1983 in Italy, staying at his parents’ country house. His day consists of reading, listening to music and swimming, but everything changes with the arrival of Oliver, his father’s new assistant.

Elio is cold and distant with the guest, who is a very handsome young man, but little by little they begin to live and go out together during the summer, until an intense attraction takes hold of them.

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V recommended it because consider that you have great messages and it is very significant in showing the love between two boys, in addition, she became a fan of the soundtrack and created a personal playlist with the songs. He also published a piano cover of one of the songs from “Call me by your name”.

The film received Oscar nominations for Best Actor and won for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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