Bray Wyatt to start filming a movie at the end of the month

Bray Wyatt already has a job. Since October 29, he has been a free agent and has the power to own his destiny. This Tuesday, the specialized portal Metro has reported that Windham Rotunda, real name of the fighter, has landed her first acting role in a Hollywood movie.

The special effects artist Jason Baker, one of the creators of the mask of ‘The Fiend’ and friend of Rotunda, confirmed to the media that, at the end of November, both will be involved in the filming of a new film. “He’s a phenomenal collaborator. He’s become a good friend and, in fact, we’re going to … Look, you’ll be the first person I’m going to talk to about this publicly. We’re going to start shooting a movie at the end. of the month “, have been his words, which collects Metro.

At the moment, not many details about the film have been revealed, not even the title or the synopsis, as they have decided to keep it a secret. The only thing that Baker wanted to reveal is that the filming will take place in the state of Tennessee and that it will be something “really new and different.”

“In two weeks, we’re going to shoot in Tennessee. It’s a feature film and it will be something really new and different. I think the best way to describe it is ‘Ichi the killer (a sadistic and masochistic member of the Yakuza) meets Xanadu,’ “he explained.

In late October, Jason Baker posted a Photography next to Rotunda at one of the access doors to Warner Bros studios in Burbank, California, next to the message “another day at the office.” Regarding this fact, the film director also explained that held a series of meetings that ended with a satisfactory result, which led to their project becoming a reality.

Finally, Baker explained that fans should not expect an upcoming return from Bray Wyatt to action, because right now Rotunda has taken a “completely different direction” with the movie.

Windham Rotunda has already removed all references to WWE from his Twitter profile once his non-compete clause ended, including his username. In mid-September, hinted that his return is near. “Everything will be clear. I will see you all very soon. Revenge is a confession of pain,” he wrote on Twitter with one of his classic messages in code. He subsequently speculated on a new character or name, when he replied to a fan that no one has ever seen his “true self”.

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Bray Wyatt to start filming a movie at the end of the month