BRAD PITT and ANTHONY HOPKINS star in this must-see DRAMA on NETFLIX


It is a classic of the seventh art released in 1994 with a great cast and a story about love, loss and a strong rivalry.

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If we talk about Hollywood stars as much Brad Pitt as Anthony Hopkins They are two of the great figures in the industry. Both actors built unforgettable professional careers. Each one with its resources, which are very different from each other, but that does not mean they lose value in the eyes of audiences around the world that celebrate these talents in each project they participate in.

surely the movie Passion legends is one of the great dramas of the seventh art presenting a story where there is love, death and a rivalry based on desire that make the film directed by Edward Zwick in a jewel that today you can enjoy in the catalog of Netflix. It also has the plus of being starred by the actors mentioned in the previous paragraph: Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.

A classic film with a luxury cast

Passion legends It had a great reception from the public that in Rotten tomatoes It gives it a solid 87% acceptance rate with more than 100,000 certified reviews on that website. Furthermore, in IMDb the film has a good mark with a 7.5 out of 10 where more than 175,000 users who left their opinion about the film voted on the popular site specialized in cinema.

the synopsis of Passion legends says: “In early 20th century Montana, Colonel William Ludlow lives in the wild with his sons: Tristan, Alfred, and Samuel. Eventually, the unconventional, but close-knit family meets tragedy when Samuel is killed in World War I. Tristan and Alfred survive their tours of duty, but shortly after returning home, both men fall in love with Samuel’s beautiful fiancée, Susannah, and their intense rivalry begins to tear the family apart..

Passion legends stars Anthony Hopkins as Colonel William Ludlow, Brad Pitt as Tristan Ludlow, Aidan Quinn as Alfred Ludlow, Julia Ormond as Susannah Fincannon-Ludlow, Henry Thomas as Samuel Ludlow, Karina Lombard as Elizabeth II, Christina Pickles as Elizabeth, Robert Wisden as John T. O’Banion, and John Novak as James O’Banion, among others.

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BRAD PITT and ANTHONY HOPKINS star in this must-see DRAMA on NETFLIX