Black Widow ‘: the three new Marvel characters you should know

The first appearance of Natasha romanoff It was produced in Tales of Suspense number 52, in 1964. More than fifty years later he continues to be one of Marvel’s reference characters. To the creation of Stan Lee, supported by the screenwriter Don Rico and the artist Don Heck, followed by their participation in various teams within comics and their replica in film format, with the interpretation of Scarlett Johansson. Beyond the note, there is something symbolic: the character prevails because the Black widow is a contemporary pop icon.

However, although immediate memory associates Natasha Romanoff’s name with the “Black Widow”, she is not the only one. Within the comics, the role of Black Wodiw has been occupied by different characters. Although there is no direct relationship in this first case, it is usually mentioned Claire voyant as one of the first multi-skilled female characters in Marvel. It appeared in 1940, at number four on Mystic comics. But when it comes to Yelena Belova, the relationship is different.

Why is it convenient to know this? Because in the next movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the Black widow (next release on July 9, in theaters and Disney Plus) this transition of power, of mantle, of roles, is much more evident. Characters will appear in the production that will give meaning to Natasha Romanoff’s story and perhaps suggest things about the future of Phase 4.

Below we explore the history of two of them and another of the key characters of the film.

Melina vostokoff

About Melina Vostokoff, played by Rachel Weisz, little is known. But there is more information about the role she occupies within Marvel. She is in charge of wearing the mantle of Iron maiden, covering his face with an iron mask, among other details to protect his identity. Why? Because like Natasha romanoff, is also an agent who fulfills various secret roles.