‘Black Panther 2’ is still paralyzed by Letitia Wright’s refusal to get vaccinated

Let’s remember. Letitia Wright starred in a bitter episode for Disney and Marvel last year when he started criticize and doubt the efficacy of vaccines by distributing videos of all kinds for their social networks. The actress of Black Panther, also the protagonist of the sequel, Wakanda Forever, suffered a mishap during filming and paralyzed production for weeks, looking for a new rhythm of filming in London. Nevertheless, Wright had been in his thirteen weeks, refusing to get vaccinated as they relate on The Hollywood Reporter.

A filming that accumulates setbacks and other problems

Ryan Coogler, director also of the sequel, proposed continue recording scenes that did not require Shuri’s presence, TChalla’s sister, progressing in the blockbuster enough not to sit idly by for weeks. Nevertheless, the situation stagnated a few days ago. While they waited patiently for Wright to recover and be able to return, it was reported a few days ago that until the beginning of 2022, any. But a new problem has arisen: the actress’s refusal to get vaccinated.

The text of The Hollywood Reporter (va Cinemana) analyzes in detail the numerous conflicts that are emerging in Hollywood studios, as there is a part of actors and actresses who are still reluctant to get vaccinated. Some majors have decided to fire their performers for this reason, such as Ice Cube in Oh Hell No, but in the Marvel Studios situation it seems that things would get too complicated. Apparently, Wright’s refusal to receive the vaccine will prevent the actress from London to Atlanta once she is discharged. You need to be vaccinated and present a certificate. This is a policy of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If Wright refuses to receive the vaccine, he will not be able to travel with the team and the producers will have to look for alternatives.

But what if he refuses? Well here comes another problem: Producers will have to consider moving production to another place that does not require the COVID certificate to enter their borders. We are talking about a very large cost, even for a blockbuster, and would suppose a new delay in the filming of the film, which like other Marvel Studios films, have a well-marked calendar and must adhere to a series of stipulated deadlines. Wakanda Forever should have been released on July 8, 2022, but was postponed to November 11 looking to have a few months of margin. The future of Wakanda, and never better said, is in Wright’s hands.

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‘Black Panther 2’ is still paralyzed by Letitia Wright’s refusal to get vaccinated