‘Black Adam’: Dwayne Johnson, stronger than ever

Dwayne johnson, aka ‘The Rock’, is one of the highest grossing actors in recent years. Virtually every movie that releases performs well at the global box office, as the 49-year-old American actor is in his prime as a professional in the film industry.

In addition to his successful career in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is known for his imposing physique, for something he is known as ‘The Rock’. During these last years the interpreter has been shown with a great physique. But, when it seemed that it was not possible for the actor to get fitter, he goes and surpasses himself.

Practically the gym is like your second home, and that has been the scene of his new photograph that he has published through his Instagram account, where he accumulates more than 240 million followers, almost nothing.

In the image that he has shared with all his Instagram fans, the actor appears more muscular than ever, and is that his physique speaks for itself.

‘The Rock’ is at the moment
immersed in the filming of his new movie, ‘Black Adam’, a film of the DC Universe, in which the interpreter will become a superhero. For this reason, she has had to prepare a lot, with countless gym sessions and a very particular diet.

“Night training. Great week for ‘Black Adam’ shooting my ‘champion’ scenes without a shirt and showing my body, “wrote Dwayne Johnson in the publication in which he attached the photograph.

“I have worked very hard on diet, training and conditioning unlike any other role in my entire career,” acknowledged the actor.

“Handling water, sodium, cardio, but also having to push and pull real iron to have dense, dry, detailed muscles,” he continued.