Bennifer: This is how Ben Affleck defended Jennifer Lopez from a fan (VIDEO)

We’re all going crazy for the official return of Bennifer, because a few days ago the Venice Film Festival and, for the first time, after 17 years, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck posed together on the red carpet. However, today he highlighted that the handsome Batman actor is not only a hero in the movies, but it is also for the singer, since defended JLo from a fan, while walking through the airport in Italy.

Photo: EFE

Ben Affleck defends Jennifer Lopez from a fan

In a video posted by YouTube channel Gossip Bae, we can see Bennifer walking in the Venice airport surrounded by their safety equipment. Nevertheless, a fan who was in the place approaches Jennifer Lopez to take a photo. Immediately, Ben Affleck pushes him having the security personnel corner the man towards the wall so that the couple can continue on their way.

Jennifer Lopez’s reaction to Ben Affleck’s gesture

With a slight smile to forget about uncomfortable moment, Jennifer Lopez reacted kindly to the paparazzi who were at the scene after Ben Affleck defended her. However, the one who seemed not to have a good time was the 49-year-old actor, because He was a bit annoyed at the situation.

Remember that one of the most sensitive issues for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is the constant harassment of fans and paparazzi, because according to statements by Affleck himself in a podcast for Hollywood Reporter, this was a determining factor for Bennifer to end in 2004.

Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck
Photo: EFE

No doubt the story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck It is one of the most romantic in the world of Hollywood, because when they separated in 2004 we thought it would be the end of BenniferHowever, 18 years later we see them happier than ever.

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