Benjamín Vicuña began a new romance with a top model: “It was a crush…”

Monday, January 16, 2023

7:00 p.m.

The start of a new year continues to dazzle the world of entertainment and summer romances were not long in appearing. Hoping they don’t last as long as a single season, the one who sparked serious rumors of a new couple is Benjamin Vicuna.

Just a few days ago, when the actor appeared in Chile for a new premiere of his film, he talked about what it means for a person to be by his side and acknowledged that it is impossible for him to be single. This point is a paradox in the life of Benja because he has a history of infidelity.

Explaining that from his vision life is more practical taking it in pairs, in each failure he went through with his partners as pampitathe china suarez either Eli Suluchinall have in common that he left a relationship to start another instantly.

Simultaneously and almost without wasting time, Benjamin seems to have completely forgotten sulichinthe friend of Caroline Ardohain that he decided to leave him a few months ago and would already be involved in a new romance. Is about pia slapkamodel with whom he shared time in an exclusive club.

Under the company of his children and in a situation of extreme tranquility, what he least imagined vicuna is that near him a camera would capture his mischievous approaches towards pia. “I want to tell a detail of something I saw last Friday,” he launched Virginia Gallardo in Partners of the Show.

Revealed this possible romance that would be forming between Benjamin Y slapkawhose Luli Fernandez assured that she is single, the journalist went for more and provided exclusive details due to the tension that was generated between both characters

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“They say, they say, that the energy between them was a crush, divine. They were seen as particularly nice, loving and smiling. They are divine and very functional to the event,” he contributed lulithrowing the scoop on a new couple that would be about to form.

One of the issues that drew attention to vicunawho despite her children being present did not measure herself when looking for a new girlfriend, is that pia has a similar profile to Eli Sulichin and that would be other reasons that are making the Chilean actor fall in love.

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Benjamín Vicuña began a new romance with a top model: “It was a crush…”