Beloved golden movie actor caught sharks before he became famous

The iconic actor of the Mexican golden age Luis Aguilar, was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico on January 29, 1918. He studied at the Military College of Mexico and later he began a career in engineering in the army, to later abandon the career and work in the agrarian department.

Luis was always looking for new experiences, so in a short time he decided to move to the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, where in the same way he dedicated himself to fishing for sharks.

Next to Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante, the Mexican was part of the memorable trinity of Mexican cinema of “charros”, adored through Puerto Rico and South America.

Thanks to his charisma and ease of speech, he quickly made his way to new great opportunities until making his acting debut in 1944 in the film of “Under, Horse and Rey”, by nickname Raul of Anda. Despite his meager experience in the film world, he delves further into the world through his expertise his social skills and becomes part of an incredible number of films of the time, with eminent film figures such as María Antonieta, Sara García, María Luisa Zea, Katy Jurado and Miroslava Stern.

It is until 1948 when he obtains his most emblematic roles as “The cheerful boy “, directed by Alejandro Galindo and “The Rooster Twist“, directed by Alberto Gout.

Luis Aguilar
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Before he was famous, in 1944 he attended a party where he played several country melodies, and a man named Robert Oquigley commented that he would become very famous, commented the interpreter in an interview with Excelsior.

Later he would meet the producer Raul from You, recommended by himself Robert, to start his acting career.

Pedro Infante was undoubtedly the highest representative of the time, but Luis Aguilar was not far behind with his iconic representations as “charro” and singer.

Pedro Ideo decided to put them together in the hit movie “A.T.M ¡A toda maquina¡”, where it was planned to make a trilogy but finally it was not made, however the sequel was made What has that woman given you? “In this film, he shared the screen with the actors Carmen Montejo, Rosita Arenas and Gloria Mange.