Beautiful Argentine actress conquered the Cine de Oro and had an unrecognized son with “Cantinflas”; this is his story

Although the Mexican comedian Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” He was married for many years to the same woman, there are many who say that He had relationships with various actresses of the Golden Cinema, including one beautiful argentina, with whom in fact he had an unrecognized son, a story that was a scandal when it became known after the death of the so-called mime.

Rosario Fiaschi Granados, known as Charito, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 12, 1925. To a Chilean father and a Mexican mother, he showed interest in acting from a very young age, and after a short career in theater and music. who Argentines, decides to travel to Mexico, thanks to the invitation made by “Cantinflas“, debuting in the film” Rosa de las Nieves “(1944).

His first film in our country was not very successful, but this was followed by other performances with the famous Jorge Negrete, in the film “Camino de sacramento” (1945) and “Canaima” (1945). Soon Rosario managed to be recognized by the public and was considered for major projects, one of them in 1947, with two renowned figures: Arturo de Córdova and María Félix in “The kneeling goddess”.

For 1948 he shared credits with Miroslava Stern and Carmen Montejo in “Secret among women”, and his consecration was achieved with three definitive films in his career: “The pain of children” (1949) by Miguel Zacarías, alternating with Fernando Soler and for the one that achieves an Ariel nomination, “El gran Calavera” (1949), directed by Luis Buñuel and in which he works again with Fernando Soler and his then-boyfriend Gustavo Rojo and “Inmaculada” (1950) by Julio Bracho.

Rosario “Charito” Granados had an unrecognized son with “Cantinflas”

The journalist Miguel Ángel Morales, author of the book “Cantinflas: master of the tents”, uncovered the romance that the actress had Rosario Granados and the comedian, and in fact claims that the couple had a son by name Mario Figachi Granados, which was not recognized by Moreno.

Almost three years after the death of the Mexican comedian, his biographer brought to light the existence of two sons the actor never recognized. In the second of the three volumes that make up the biographical work, it is said that the other daughter is Santa Saucedo, today a nude model and whose mother is a dancer who, like “Cantinflas“In the beginning he worked in a tent.

The only son recognized by the actor is Mario Moreno Ivanova, whom he adopted along with his wife, Valentina Ivanova.

The journalist Miguel Ángel Morales uncovered the romance between Rosario and the comedian. Photo: Special

Although the information from the son has been denied by the family of the famous mime, there are many who say that the couple did have a relationship that lasted a short time. Granados decided to retire at the end of the fifties, she married the photographer Raúl Martínez Solares with whom she had four children.

In 1970 he returned to the theatrical stages and from there began his career in television, along with small participations in who. In 1987 she participated in the successful youth soap opera “Quinceañera”, where she played Rosalía, Thalía’s grandmother. In 1989 he had his last participation on television in the melodrama “Simply Maria”.

In 1990 he said goodbye to the acting world with the movie “Funerales del terror”. His last years were spent with his family in Mexico City, where he died of a heart attack on March 25, 1997.


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Beautiful Argentine actress conquered the Cine de Oro and had an unrecognized son with “Cantinflas”; this is his story