Beautiful actress of the rumberas cinema conquered even Latin American dictators

Rosa Carmina was a vedette, actress and dancer of Cuban origin who came to Mexico to conquer the public and become one of the most important rumberas of thea golden age of mexican cinema like his compatriots María Antonieta Pons, Amalia Aguilar and Ninón Seville.

Rosa Carmina Riverón Jiménez, full name of the star, was born in Havana, Cuba, November 19, 1929 and traveled to Mexico in 1944, where he met the Spanish film director and actor Juan Orol, who made her one of his greatest muses and made her the protagonist of important films.

Although at first Carmina refused to participate on the big screen, Orol managed to convince her by offering her three films. This is how 1946 debuted in “A woman from the East“, then” Tania, the wild beauty “in ’47 and finally, in the same year, ‘The kingdom of gangsters’, which had a sequel”Gangsters against charros“from 1948, a film that today are considered cult films within the so-called Gangster Cinema or Mexican Black Cinema.

Rosa Carmina had many successes under the direction of Juan Orol Photo: Special

After the success of her roles, the actress continued working with Juan Orol, who became her husband from 1950 to 1995, filming around 16 films in a surrealist style. However, at the end of her love and professional relationship, the star worked with Alberto Gout, to film “Traicionera”, “En carne viva” and “Noche de perición”, among others.

Rosa Carmina pioneer in the cabaret theater

The Mexican film diva was a pioneer in the cabaret show, as she appeared with her rumba show in each room of the most exclusive nightclubs in the Mexican Republic, unleashing some criticism for her sensual dances.

Rosa Carmina appeared both in bullrings and in stadiums throughout the American continent, where she achieved important successes. It is said that thanks to this show Manuel Ávila Camacho López, nephew of the former president, gave him a nickname “His Majesty the Rumba“.

Rosa Carmina conquered several dictators

According to various records of the time, the beauty and talent of Rosa Carmina conquered the dictators Rafael Leónidas Trujillo from the Dominican Republic, and in Marcos Pérez Jiménez, from Venezuela.

The actress had a very successful career, she even ventured into the theater and soap operas, in fact her last important participation was in “Maria mercedes“(1992), story starring Thalia. Later, she decided to retire from the stage and currently little is known about her.

Rosa Carmina had a special participation in “María Mercedes” Photo: INAH