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batman- 85% It arrived this morning on the HBO Max platform and fans are delighted with the possibility of seeing the film in exceptional quality. Through social networks, numerous reactions to the great event have been issued and new details have even been discovered that largely went unnoticed by the public. Matt Reevesthe director, confirms something very special that is related to the character of the Riddler and that has only been revealed so far.

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The whole world was fascinated by the proposal of Matt released in theaters more than a month ago. Batman It is a rather unique approach to the famous hero of DC comics, with touches capable of connecting with the most veteran audiences but also with the youngest. The film received general praise, positioning itself as the number one opening during its first weekend, maintaining the glory for several more days and reaching more than remarkable box office numbers.

Now that everyone can enjoy Batman in the comfort of their homes, a follower of Matt Reeves on Twitter questions a specific scene from the movie and wonders if the shadow we see in one of the frames is the Riddler, the villain played by paul dano. Director

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Absolutely crazy capture from my friend @Ajrascals. At exactly 31:55 in The Batman you can see Paul Dano’s Riddler in the window in front of the Iceberg Lounge. Waiting, watching. Can you confirm this 100%, Matt Reeves?

That’s right, I can confirm it 100%.

Users of social networks continue to find more details that they had not seen during their visit to the rooms of Batman, and surely they will find more. The movie of Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson It runs for almost three hours, so passionate fans have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to discover each and every one of the secrets of the Dark Knight’s latest adventure on the big screen.

Batman It reached US$750 million at the global box office, an achievement that very few films have had the opportunity to achieve in the times of the pandemic that are still running. The story of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego remains a sure thing for Warner Bros. and fans are waiting for the studio to confirm a sequel. Although Reeves and even his own Robert They already have ideas for a sequel, however, Warner is taking his time to get the best out of the first installment. The arrival of batman to the HBO Max platform represents a new triumph in his efforts to achieve the best superhero cinema, capable of attracting the attention of millions, at least for a few weeks, staying in the hearts of those most loyal to the character.

For its part, DC Films continues to push its DC Extended Universe despite the big, huge snags that have come along in recent weeks. the next movie is Flash, with a premiere scheduled for June 23, 2023 and great expectations on the back. Although things have gone well with batman and media attention remains on HBO Max, Warner Bros. must be very smart with its other saga of heroes, the main one, the one that has been in the public eye for almost ten years and has caused so much frustration to its audience.

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Batman: Matt Reeves confirms surprising detail about the Riddler that went unnoticed by the public | tomatoes