Batgirl Confirms Epic Connections To The Rest Of The DCEU

The DCEU has returned! The directors of Batgirl have confirmed and explained the connections to the DC Multiverse that the film will have.

In an exclusive interview with Richard Nebens, a journalist for The Direct, the directors of batgirl They explained how the DC multiverse either DCEU will be present in the movie hbo max.

Adil El Arbi compared the heads of Warner Bros Discovery with the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feigwho often replied “Don’t worry about it” when asked about the links of Ms Marvel with other important MCU projects. Apparently, with batgirl and the DCEU went through the same thing.

However, El Arbi insinuated that batgirl yes it will connect with the new reboot of the DCEU. He will do it in some specific way, although he has not wanted to reveal it. What he has suggested to fans of DC Comics is that the movie will have to do with previous DC movies. If we have not seen them, we will not understand what is happening. Also, we will begin to understand the multiversal madness that will explode with Flash.

The arrival of the DC Multiverse!

“Well… We would get the same answer as Marvel Studios, because we would also ask, ‘Hey, you’ve got JK ​​Simmons from the Snyderverse and Michael Keaton from the Tim Burton universe. What happens there?’ They would tell us: ‘Don’t worry about it. We have a plan’. That aspect was never really explained to us, but I guess you’ll have to watch the other movies to understand what’s going on. Thing is, it’s all ended up in a kind of multiverse spaghetti western. It’s going to be delicious spaghetti, I’m sure of it.”

Just as the MCU has done over the course of Phase 4, Warner Bros. plans to incorporate the Multiverse into the DCEU as a narrative element for future DC projects. This includes some films that will be released soon, as is the case with batgirl. Adil El Arbi and bilall fallah they have become true masters of keeping spoilers under wraps thanks to their time at both companies. They have not revealed any details about how the story of Barbara Gordon will fit into the multiversal set.

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Batgirl Confirms Epic Connections To The Rest Of The DCEU