Barry Keoghan wants to impact more with his Joker in The Batman 2

Actor Barry Keoghan is looking forward to reprising the role of Joker in The Batman 2.

In 2022 they restarted at Dark Knight in batman starring Robert Pattinson. On that occasion, the main villain was Enigma (Paul Dano)but he meets a mysterious inmate in Arkham who is actually the jokerinterpreted by barry keoghan. An actor who also knows what it is to be in Marvel Studiossince it has given life to Druig in The Eternals (2021).

Now, in a recent interview HSC, barry keoghan has revealed that he is more than ready to reprise the role in Batman 2.

“Obviously I would love another crack. I have a lot of back work done on it. If an opportunity arises, but, you know, they make the call, and I have to respect that. Definitely. Definitely. Because I have some other things that I would love to bring. I actually have this little moleskin-like book that I’ve already written a lot about, so yeah, I want to show people what it’s about.”

The actor continues with his film career.

Curiously, barry keoghan is waiting for his movies Marvel Y DC Comics have sequels, but for now, there is little news about The Eternals 2 Y Batman 2, where he plays totally different characters. Since one is an almost immortal being capable of manipulating people’s minds and the other is a man with a disfigured face with very bad intentions.

Luckily, yes we will be able to see barry keoghan in other interesting projects. Since it will be in the series Masters of the Air, which is about eleven men inside a bomber known as the “Flying Fortress” who are fighting for their lives against swarms of enemy German fighters. As the American bombers are taken out one by one, your mission becomes crystal clear: survive. He will also make the movie saltburn which follows an English aristocratic family.

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Barry Keoghan wants to impact more with his Joker in The Batman 2