Bardo: Why did González Iñárritu take more than 20 minutes out of his new and controversial film?

Netflix recently released the official trailer for the new film by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñarritu entitled “Bardo, Falsa Crónica de unas Cuantas Verdades”, which had its debut at the Venice Film Festival and received an ovation from four minutes.

However, so far the reviews have been mixed, where this film has even been called a “too pretentious piece, without head or tail”; It will have its premiere in theaters in Mexico on October 27, and on November 4 it will hit theaters in the United States, Spain and Argentina.

The new film by González Iñárritu

On November 18 it will be released in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and finally on December 16, “Bardo” will be part of the catalog of the streaming platform. streaming Netflix.

“Bardo, False Chronicle of a Few Truths” follows the story of a man named Silverio Gama, a prestigious and renowned Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles, but who is forced to return to his native Mexico City, this later to receive an international award.

Why did you take more than 20 minutes off your tape?

Upon arriving in his country of origin, Silverio finds himself in an existential crisis that will allow him to explore his emotions more thoroughly, leaving his ego aside; Through various metaphors related to historical moments in Mexico, the production promises a visual experience completely different from what has been previously seen in the director’s work on films such as “The Revenant”, “Birdman”, “Amores Perros” and ” Babel”.

“The absurdity of her memories and fears infiltrate her present, filling her daily life with a sense of bewilderment and wonder. With deep emotion and laughter aplenty, Silverio grapples with universal yet intimate questions about identity, success, mortality, Mexican history, and the deep family ties he shares with his wife and children. Indeed, what it means to be human in these peculiar times”, reads the official synopsis.

Regarding the production, the director himself declared that he made adjustments to “Bardo” for his future projections, where he cut some scenes and added others with which he felt more comfortable; in the case of the first screening at the San Sebastian Film Festival, it was screened 22 minutes less than the original version, leaving a total duration of two hours and 32 minutes without counting the credits.

Iñárritu’s new film will premiere on December 16 on Netflix. PHOTO: Netflix


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Bardo: Why did González Iñárritu take more than 20 minutes out of his new and controversial film?