“Back to the Future”: The Story of Why Marty’s ‘Dad’ Was Replaced by a Prosthesis

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Despite “”Is one of the most successful film trilogies in Hollywood, perhaps until today some fans of the film did not realize that the actor who played George McFly in the second and third films is not the same as the first.

And this responds to a reason: , the original actor, was not simply replaced by another but, in addition, a mold was placed with the face of his predecessor to simulate that the interpreter of “Back to the future 1″ Was never changed.

About this controversial move by Universal Studios, there are two versions, that of the producer and writer of the film Bob Gale, and that of Crispin Glover himself, who, surprised by the illegal use they made of his image, sued the studio and obtained a victory that he established a precedent in Hollywood on the right of image of the actors.

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(Left): Jeffrey Weissman, the replacement actor, in the scene recreated with him in "Back to the future 2". (Right) Crispin Glover in the original 1985 scene.
(Left): Jeffrey Weissman, the replacement actor, in the scene recreated with him in “Back to the Future 2.” (Right) Crispin Glover in the original 1985 scene.

Bob Gale vs. Crispin Glover

According to the book ‘‘by Caseen Gaines, Bob Gale assures that the reason Glover could not be considered in the sequels of “Back to the Future”Is that he asked for no less than a million dollars, plus box office benefits, a salary that was far from what he initially received in the first film.

This version, however, has been denied on more than one occasion by Glover.

(Left) Bob Gale and Jeffrey Weissman portrayed as Crispin Glover in the second part of "Back to the Future". (Right) Glover in the first movie.
(Left) Bob Gale and Jeffrey Weissman portrayed Crispin Glover in the second part of “Back to the Future.” (Right) Glover in the first movie.

In an interview with In his radio program, the actor said that if he has not considered the issue closed until now, it is because the same producer “is responsible for sustaining the same lie over and over again.”

“If they had only hired another actor (Jeffrey Weismann) which is what I thought had happened, it would have been completely legal and I would have no problem with that. They did it with this actress (Claudia Wells was replaced by Elisabeth Shue). I think they put a wig on him but they didn’t put a prosthesis on him It is normal for a studio to have the mold of your face, which is not normal is to put another actor on the face of another person. You have to negotiate to do something like that, ”Glover said.

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“What is quite irritating is that Gale himself has told new lies on the Blu-Ray version so there are millions of fans who watch the movie hearing this. He said the reason I’m not in the movie is because I asked for the same money as Michael J. Fox I was going to win for the second. That is as false as the prostheses that were placed on the other actor, “added Glover.

Glover has described Gale as “malicious and vile” and has implied that the issue of the implant has not been the only one that triggered a feud between the two. “He’s a creative guy (Gale) wrote the script and it has good aspects but it also has negative aspects. And because I confronted him, that resentment towards me was born and that has lasted 30 years.

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The negative aspects that Glover talks about surely respond to the bad atmosphere that was lived in the filming of “Back to the Future”For the actor’s disagreement with the way his character of George McFly ended in the successful first part.

(Left) Crispin Glover in "Back to the future 1" (Right) Jeffrey Weissman in the same scene recreated for the film's sequel.
(Left) Crispin Glover in “Back to the Future 1” (Right) Jeffrey Weissman in the same scene recreated for the film’s sequel.

As it is remembered, the final scene of “Back to the future 1”Shows us the father of Marty McFly as a rich man, successful and in love, qualities that Glove rejected because according to him, the essence of the character was betrayed, a guy who initially showed great intellectual capacity, humble but above all nerd.

For Glover, George McFly had to remain a nerd even if he has all the money in the world, something that did not finally happen. Precisely, for the scene in question, it is said that the actor opposed combining a polo shirt and a sports jacket, a style widely used during the Ronald Reagan government and that he appeared on the set dressed as the ‘George of the 50’, however the director Zemeckis forced him to change.

George McFly (George McFly) at the end of "Back to the future 1" from 1985.
George McFly (George McFly) in the finale of 1985’s “Back to the Future 1”.

Jeffrey Weissman, more than a photo double

About this confrontation, , the actor who replaced Crispin Glover on “Back to the Future“2 and 3 has revealed on several occasions that when they called him to do the casting of” Back to the Future 2 “, he thought they would hire him to do the double of Crispin’s photo, something that was very common in the industry at that time .

“The prosthetics made me look like Crispin, but not exactly. Robert Zemeckis asked cinematographer Dean Cundey what he thought of my performance, and I heard Dean say, “I think we have Crispin with no problems.” This was the first time that I had the suspicion that it was possibly being more than a simple substitute or double photo “, declared Weissman in an interview with in 2013.

(Left) Jeffrey Weissman (Right) actor before during filming of "Back to the future 2" 1989.
(Left) Jeffrey Weissman (Right) the actor earlier during the filming of 1989’s “Back to the Future 2”.

After his bad experience in “Back to the Future”, Crispin Glover He has not been far from the cinema as many believe. The actor, now 57 years old, has given life to “Thin Man” in “Charlie’s Angels” of 2000, to the Knave of Hearts, in the film “Alice in Wonderland” of 2010, between other somewhat eccentric characters.

Crispin Glover in "Charlie's Angels" from 2000. Photo: Universal
Crispin Glover in “Charlie’s Angels” in 2000. Photo: Universal

Glover was even voiced by Batman fans to play the Joker in “The Dark Night,” which ultimately fell to the late Heath Ledger.