July 1, 2021

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Avengers: a civilian changed the fate of the MCU and we all forgot it

Avengers a civilian changed the fate of the MCU and

If you ask fans who is the most important character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the answers can be mixed. Some consider the mainstays to be Tony Stark or Steve Rogers, Iron Man, and Captain America, respectively. Others may point to Thanos, for pulling the strings from the beginning of these movies, all with the goal of gathering and using the Infinity Stones.

But perhaps the most important character in the entire MCU is a civilian who didn’t even appear in the movies and was only mentioned. However, this was enough to change the fate of the Avengers and configure the scenarios for the final conflict of the saga.

Your name? Charlie Spencer. This character was posthumously mentioned in Captain America: Civil War. It was about a university graduate who spent his holidays building houses for the poor in Sokovia, but was one of the collateral victims of the battle between the Avengers and Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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We learned about Spencer’s story from her mother, Miriam Sharpe, a US State Department worker. The grieving woman approached Tony Stark, whom she blamed for her son’s death and made it clear that both he and the Avengers were murderers to her. This meeting made the billionaire put a face to the victims of that battle in Sokovia and reflect on the actions of his team of heroes.

The difference between Sharpe and the rest of the civilians was that she did not fall for the charisma of the heroes and although Tony was loved by everyone, she was openly hostile and tough, which made her message sink deep into the world. millionaire. This encounter led him to change his perspective on the responsibilities of the Avengers, and from there, to support the Sokovia Accords.

And it was thanks to this change of opinion that the conflict with Captain America and his faction arose, but worse still, it divided the team just as a terrible threat was coming towards Earth. This division left them vulnerable when Thanos finally reached Earth. Not that the Avengers united would have defeated the Mad Titan and his troops, especially without Thor and Hulk still separated from them, but at least they would have been more prepared and instead of wasting time arguing, they would have invested it in better strategies of attack or defense.

Without the death of Spencer and above all, without the harsh claim of his mother, the events of Captain America: Civil War and the other films of the MCU would have been quite different, especially on the subject of the Sokovia Accords. Taking into account the impressive numbers at the box office of the entire saga, especially the latest films, it is important to remember that a civilian forgotten by —almost— everyone can also generate a great change placed in the right place and time.

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