Are you a sports lover? These movies are a must

Platform: Disney+

Year 2005

Duration: Two hours and 25 minutes

Thematic: Sports, drama, biography based on true events

Age: For people over 16 years old

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Moneyball: Breaking the Rules

Aaron Sorkin is the screenwriter of this film starring Brad Pitt and released in 2011 based on real events. Billy Beane is the director of the Oakland Athletics baseball team and his method of training and leadership has become popular. Your Moneyball method. A method in which the most important are the statistics to coordinate and organize the players, regardless of whether you have fewer economic resources. A brilliant and intelligent movie that we can see again on Netflix and that is always worth returning to.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2011

Duration: Two hours and 13 minutes

Thematic: Sport, based on a true story, drama

Age: For over seven years

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Borg McEnroe

A historical rivalry in an essential film, one of the best in recent times and that we can see on HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video or Filmin. Björn Borg and John McEnroe They face each other in a mythical final, a historic final for tennis: the 1980 Wimbledon final. Two totally different players, two ways of facing the game, two opposite attitudes but the same objective: to win. It is not a documentary but a film in which Sverrir Gudnason and Shia LaBeouf bring these athletes to life to relive the final that changed the history of sport.

Platform: HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Filmin

Year: 1962

Duration: One hour and 43 minutes

Thematic: Sport, biography

Age: For over seven years

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If you just had to say, quick, a sports movie that would probably be Rocky. We have all seen it at some time, we have heard about it, we have hummed that little song. Rocky Balboa is Sylvester Stallone in this film released in the seventies and that got three Oscars and a success that endures even today. Balboa is a boxer who is going to fight for the heavyweight title although still quite unknown. You will have to prepare for the combat that will change your life.

Beyond the original movie, there are sequels to this boxing saga that continue to tell the story of Balboa in and out of the ring.

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Yo Tonya

Based on true events, this film tells the story of Tonya Harding, a competitive skater who in the 1990s will see her career take a turn for the worse. a terrible event. A true story that takes us to the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Tonya Harding will face her main rival, Nancy Kerrigan, but she is assaulted and beaten after training.

Platform: HBO Max

Year: 2017

Duration: One hour and 56 minutes

Thematic: Based on a true story, ice skating

Age: For people over 16 years old

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Rush: Passion and Glory

Between the sport’s most mythical rivalries, Formula One stars Niki Lauda and James Hunt and so collects it Ron Howard en Rush. A film released in 2013 that seeks to narrate the rivalry between Lauda and Hunt during the seventies. A feature film full of speed, constant action and outstanding dialogues recommended for any viewer, whether or not they are a motor lover.

Platform: And Netflix

Year: 2013

Duration: Two hours and two minutes

Thematic: Sport, biography, rivalries, Formula One

Age: For over twelve years

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Wild bull

The boxing is the literary sport par excellence but also the protagonist of many of the best sports films, brilliant biographies, Essential feature films. And Wild Bull signs it Martin Scorsese and stars Robert de Niro to tell us the biography of Jake la Motta. Or, according to his nickname, Wild Bull. An American boxer who dreams of becoming the best in middleweights and whose life we ​​can follow in one of the best sports biographies.

Platform: And Filmin

Year: 1980

Duration: Two hours and four minutes

Thematic: Biography, boxing, Jake la Motta

Age: For over twelve years

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wild bull


Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay. The best boxer of all time. One of the best athletes in history. His life, inside and outside the ring, is told in these two and a half hours in which Will Smith brings the character to life. Two and a half hours of sports, boxing, but also of social struggle and the media coverage of Clay out of the ring and how he became one of the most important social figures in American history. Fighting, training and preparation but also a continuous fight against racism out of the ring.

Platform: Movistar +

Year: 1962

Duration: Two hours and 31 minutes

Thematic: Sports, biographical, boxing

Age: For people over 16 years old

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For the entire family

The sport is fellowship, overcoming … But also fun and there are many sports movies to watch with children on Disney + and other platforms. Football, basketball, hockey, skating.

Air Bud

Among the best sports movies for the whole family we can see Air Bud, a mythical film from the late nineties that stars the dog Buddy, a golden retriever that you have ever seen. Air Bud is the first of many feature films starring the same mascot and tells us how Buddy has escaped from the shelter to reach the life of Josh Framm, a twelve-year-old teenager who has just lost his father. Josh will soon discover that his new friend is a basketball genius, something unusual for a dog.

In addition to the first, Air Bud is a popular saga that has five main films released from 1998 to 2003 and sequels to Air Buddies, the puppies, where sport is not only the protagonist but there are also Christmas, Halloween, space specials. …

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Year: 1997

Duration: 98 minutes

Thematic: Animals / Family Cinema / Basketball

Recommended age: For all audiences

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air bud

For all!

Katelin Kingsford is the protagonist of this Disney youth film released in 2005 and with the scooter as its star sport. She has spent almost 15 years of her life dedicated to being the best in this discipline and now an old Russian coach has given her the chance to become a star But he must meet one requirement: he must first join the school hockey team.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2005

Duration: One hour and 28 minutes

Thematic: Teen comedy, sports

Age: For all audiences

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For all


Safety is one of the original Disney + films, a feature film released in 2020 and based on real events. Specifically, it is based on the Ray McElrathbey story, a Clemson University safety who managed to get ahead thanks to the help of his teammates and the rest of the community. McElrathbey will have to be done charge of his little brother in a moving biographical drama to enjoy as a family and that not only talks about sports and self-improvement but also about responsibility, poverty, addictions …

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2020

Duration: Two hours and three minutes

Thematic: Drama / Biography

Age: For over six years

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We are the best

Gordon Bombay is a good lawyer, but community service has given him a job that can be more complicated than any trial: he must coach a group of children to hockey, but They are neither the best nor will they be. They will learn that attitude is important and that winning is not everything.

In addition, we can see other films in the saga such as The best are back. And Disney + premiered in 2021 an original series on the platform in which twelve-year-old Evan Morrow is expelled from the team and decides to set up his own team to face a competition where sports are the least important thing and where envy and triumph predominate.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1992

Duration: One hour and 43 minutes

Thematic: Hockey, youth drama, comedy

Age: For over six years

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The Footballs

One of the most prolific sagas of children’s and youth literature in Spain, written by Roberto Santiago. And that has its version on the big screen directed by Miguel Ángel Lamata. The Soto Alto FC team, formed by fun children, must do everything possible to avoid continuing to lose so that the association of parents of students does not close the club. A relegation implies ending the team and they will have to concentrate on analyzing the reason for their losses and ending them. A movie for the whole family.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2018

Duration: One hour and 41 minutes

Thematic: based on books / Family movie / Children’s cinema

Age: For all audiences

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Spanish movies

In Spanish cinema we can also enjoy entertaining comedies with sports as the main character.


Winner of Best Goya in 2018 and with up to eleven nominations, Campeones is one of the successful films in Spain in the last decade. Directed by Javier Fesser and starring Javier Gutiérrez, Jesús Vidal and many more. Gutiérrrez is Marco, a basketball coach who must train a team of people with intellectual disabilities in a task that will seem impossible at first but will make him learn much more than they do.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video / Disney Plus

Year: 2018

Duration: One hour and 59 minutes

Thematic: Comedy, Spanish film

Age: For over seven years

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Football days

One of the best sports movies of all time in Spain if you are looking for a funny comedy that does not go out of style almost 20 years after its premiere. They are a group of thirty-something friends that they will decide to create a soccer team to put an end to the monotony of their life, of their day to day. To escape the problems of work, marriage or money. A luxury cast in which we will see Ernesto Alterio, Alberto San Juan, Natalia Verbeke, Fernando Tejero or María Esteve and who follows this gang that has come together again to try to win a soccer 7 tournament.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Year: 2003

Duration: One hour and 49 minutes

Thematic: Humor / Comedy

Age: For over 13 years

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The longest penalty in the world

Fernando Tejero is the protagonist of The longest penalty in the world. He plays Fernando, the substitute goalkeeper for a third regional team. A goalkeeper who hasn’t played a single minute all season, but faces the decisive penalty in the last league game, the penalty that will decide whether or not they are champions.

Platform: HBO Max

Year: 2005

Duration: One hour and 42 minutes

Theme: Comedy / Soccer and Sports

Age: For over 12 years

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Are you a sports lover? These movies are a must