Aquaman 2 deletes and removes all Amber Heard scenes

The latest information about Aquaman 2 claims that Amber Heard would have been erased and removed from the DC Comics footage. This is what happened!

As reported Forbes, Warner Bros. Pictures would have made a very controversial decision regarding the assembly of Aquaman 2. Apparently the sequel to DC Comics directed by james wan I would have erased and deleted all the scenes of Amber Heard. The actress, who is currently undergoing a trial against Johnny Deppplays Queen Mera in the movies of the DC Extended Universe. After what happened with Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets and other Hollywood productions, many fans of the actor have cried out against the actress for suffering a similar fate.

The truth is that, despite the fact that social networks have picked up that Forbes is the source of the news, we have no confidence that this is true. We doubt the veracity that Amber Heard has been eliminated from the footage of Aquaman 2. There is no information that makes us think that this is the case and we believe that it is a hoax promoted by the fact of “doing justice” by a sector of the fandom. After all, as we say, many people believe that Johnny Depp has been unfair. They want the same thing to happen to the actress as to her ex-husband. Therefore, we cannot guarantee one hundred percent that Amber Heard has been eliminated from Aquaman 2. We have to wait to know it …

It is not expected to be out for more than 10 minutes…

Although this information has not been confirmed, the truth is that Amber Heard is not expected to have much weight in the history of Aquaman 2. It was said months ago that Mera’s character would barely appear in the sequel. The first installment of the adventures of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) yes he left us great moments with the queen of atlantis. However, everything that happened between the actress and her ex-husband has indirectly affected Warner Bros. Pictures. The study has had to make very controversial decisions. A pity that the cinema has been affected by a personal matter. A marital matter that should be settled in court, nowhere else.

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Aquaman 2 deletes and removes all Amber Heard scenes