Angelina Jolie could have a solo movie at Marvel Studios

Actress Angelina Jolie plays Thena in The Eternals, the new film from the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

The Eternals will feature a powerful team of superheroes and one of the most prominent characters will be the allegations from Angelina Jolie, that’s why in Marvel Studios They are already considering the possibility of having his own solo movie.

One of the big problems you will have The Eternals is that there are many new characters and it will be difficult for everyone to have many minutes to show off. Supposedly, the three leaders are Invite from Salma Hayek, Ikaris from Richard Madden and Sersi from Gemma Chan. Therefore the participation of Thena by Angelina Jolie It will be a little shorter, but equally impressive, that is why people will want to know more about this character and the way to show his entire story is with a solo movie.

Nor should we rule out that they follow the love story of the allegations with a Deviant as it happens in the comics, we could already see the character of Angelina Jolie have a tense conversation with one of these villains in the trailer. But once again, there is no time in a single movie to show it all.

The actress signed a good contract.

After the good relationship between Angelina Jolie and Disney thanks to the movies of malefic. The actress signed a contract with Marvel Studios and he did not mind being secondary in The Eternals since he also made sure that in the future his character could have more presence in this Cinematic Universe. Although everything will depend on how much the film impacts fans of the saga.

For now, the reports are quite positive, so everything suggests that The Eternals they can break into Marvel Studios how they did it the guardians of the galaxy. Although obviously it will not be such a funny team, although it will be more powerful.

Los Eternos will premiere on November 5, 2021. Are you looking forward to seeing Angelina Jolie as Thena? Leave us your comments below. While we wait for the film to hit theaters, you can review the rest of the installments of Marvel Studios on Disney Plus streaming platform.

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