Andrew, Tobey or Tom Holland: Who is the highest paid Spider-Man?

For almost 20 years several actors have given life to Spider-Man, where now, thanks to ‘No Way Home’, we were able to see them at all gathered in the same film: Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield they have given many joys to the fans.

One of the biggest ‘secrets’ As a result of each role played by the actors, it is know how much each one earned, because when representing one of the most representative superheroes of Marvel, you might believe that they won many millions, But the reality is that it was not so.

Who is the highest and lowest paid Spider-Man?

According to an article published by ‘Deadline’, it has been possible to know how much the three Spider-Man earned for each of its sagas, where it is surprising to know that Andrew Garfield is the lowest paid.

The protagonist of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, who stopped playing the arachnid superhero for ‘unfulfilled’, He could only make two installments of his saga; by first movie the actor won 500 thousand dollars, and for the Monday it was double, $ 1 million, for a total of $ 1.5 million.

Tom Holland, who nor has only participated in his three films, but was also in ‘Captain America: Civil War‘and two deliveries of Avengers (Infinity War y End Game), incredibly it would be the second actor best paid.

Reports say Tom Holland won 1 million dollars for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, 5 million for ‘Far from Home’ and others 5 million more for ‘No Way Home’; in his supporting roles, he would have obtained 250 thousand dollars for ‘Civil War’, 3 MDD more for ‘Infinity’ War‘ Y other 3 for ‘End Game‘, giving a total of 1$ 7.25 million for all your projects.

It is salary is left over ‘Too small’ if we compare it with him best paid from the list, well Tobey Maguire is the ‘richest’ Spider-Man. This actor would have received $ 4 million by first delivery of his saga, 17.5 million by Monday Y $ 15 million to conclude his trilogy, which gives a grand total of $ 36.5 million.

In addition to this, and as reported by ‘Celebrity Net Worth’, Tobey Maguire received 5% of the global box office from his second film and 7.5% from third, so that the grand total should be added some 84 million more. Crazy!

These data, according to the aforementioned media, they would be an approximate but very close to reality, so Andrew Garfield He would be the Spider-Man with the lowest profits, then he follows Tom Holland and at the top Tobey Maguire.

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Andrew, Tobey or Tom Holland: Who is the highest paid Spider-Man?