Andrés García: This is how the movie star looked when he worked as a boatman in Acapulco | PHOTO

For several decades, Andrés García has been converted into an icon within the Mexican film industry, and despite the fact that his work no longer enters the Golden Cinema era, the truth is that his characters in the great screen have been relevant, especially in those in which García is shown as a Prince.

Andrés García is an outstanding first Mexican actor and producer who currently He is 80 years old, and since his youth he has become a man controversial.

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This especially since since he began his career professional within the acting world, they considered him quite a Prince in front of the cameras.

Regarding his private life, there has been talk much, especially in regard to the loves he has had, since Andrés García was married four times and it is known that he had dozens of romances with women all ages.

The beginnings of Andrés García

It was at the age of 25 that Andres Garcia began his career in the cinema, this specifically in the action movie “Chanoc”, where he had the role of the character that he carried Name.

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From this work, Andres Garcia would continue to be wanted to work in the cinema and after filming dozens of films, the famous began in 1970 his career within the TV, which has lasted more than four decades, consolidating itself as a legend within the world acting.

When I worked as a boatman

It should be remembered that the gallant of the films was born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic; However, after discontent of his family with the authoritarian regime of his nation.

Under this scenario full of complications in their native country, the García family migrated to Mexico, where the family obtained Mexican nationality and settled in Acapulco.

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It was precisely in this place where Andrés García began to work as lunch box at an early age, and in this way supported his family economically.

And it was precisely when he was in his twenties, he was discovered by producers of who, who were left amazed by the physical appearance of the young man, and it was while Garcia was working on his boat and it was here that he started his carrera as an actor, a world where he would shine for decades.

Andrés García was a boatman Photo: Special

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