Andrés García “killed” the actress Christa Linder in his most recent video

Week to week, Andrés Garcia take a few minutes to answer the questions asked by his fans. One of the constants in the channel YouTube is that the interpreter of the women with whom he had a sexual relationship is questioned.

This week was no exception, because one of the followers of the protagonist of “Pedro He states“He asked him to give information on whether he had ever met the actress Christa Linder.

This woman, indicated the star of the who MexicanShe was one of the most beautiful he ever met, but he assured that he refused to be conquered by him.

“I was crazy about her, but she didn’t fight me.”

He highlighted that the also winner of Miss Universe In 1962 he rejected it because he was not yet recognized in stardom and there were more relevant gallants than him during his first years in acting.

Garcia He assured that the priorities of his colleague could have pointed more to a producer or a director, although he reiterated that he thought she was very pretty.

Did Andrés García kill her?

“God keep her in his glory” was the last sentence the actor spoke with during the capsule of “Wanderer in the Rain”, “Sinister Invasion” and “The Barefoot Eagle”.

This expression in Mexico It is usually used to refer to a person who has lost his life and from whom it is desired to obtain happiness and eternal rest by leaving this world.

The actress rejected Andrés.

However, the actress is not dead, but is enjoying retirement, a stage in her life that she entered since 1982 in the television tape “Moonlight“He is currently 77 years old and has no intention of returning to the catwalks or acting.

With this, one more woman joins the list of stars who refused to be in the interpreter’s arms, among which figures such as Maribel Guardia.

On a possible relationship with Laura LionHe said that he has no memory regarding her, but that he will not mention more that she is very talented, charming and talented.

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