Analysis of Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild for Multi in 3D Games

We just finished Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and Netflix already has another film adaptation of a Capcom game series. This is Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, and although fans have been tracking it for a long time, sadly the project falls on deaf ears because it does not hit any of its possible objectives. Now, he shows that he knows the games, which is a step forward.

I must admit that I am very surprised with Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild (“Legends of the Guild” if you prefer it in Spanish) because I thought that after Monster Hunter: The Movie, the bar was so low that it was virtually impossible to disappoint me. But he has succeeded! I mean, from the perspective of someone who loves gaming Capcom, I think it is better than the previous film adaptation because it does not go around the bush and shows interest in the original material. Another thing is that that interest manifests itself in an exciting staging, or that on the contrary it is simply stuffed there like the ball of used clothes that you leave in the basket for the washing machine. Here’s a bit of both.

I can assure you, dear reader, that I keep in mind at all times that making a good movie about this franchise is very difficult. As much as it costs us to admit it, the grace of the monster hunter games it’s not the story, but to struggle —Learning to fight, rather — against exotic creatures using sophisticated weapons. I would say that the authors of Legends of the Guild are aware of this and in their scarce 59 minutes of screen time they are able to condense what it means to be a hunter and grow as such, as well as represent the power of the elder dragons, and even unite several characters willing to hunt him down. All of that is fine on paper, but you can’t help but stare like a fool as things of great emotional impact happen that don’t really evoke anything. But nothing, nothing.

It cannot be said that the film has particularly convinced meI am not a film director and I do not have much idea about it, but as a spectator I think that if they tell me “you have an hour to tell a Monster Hunter story” then just by simple logic I would have started the topic with Julius or an adult Aiden preparing directly for but the case of the Moon and spinning his past, his link with the beast, through flashbacks or whatever it takes. And from there on, you are already tying with the theme that you do not hunt for fun, the balance of the world, and so on. In this way at least you make sure you are prioritizing the action without neglecting the story. Anything is worth to me, actually, except throwing away precious time with super parts tasteless. So no, it cannot be said that the film has particularly convinced me and I would not recommend it to anyone with a minimum of expectations. Now, I do not want to pretend I have the universal truth and I understand why there will be some, perhaps many, fans of the saga who end up more or less happy with what the short film (is like that) puts on the table.

A I want and I can’t from a movie

As I said above, that I did not like the execution does not mean that the approach is necessarily bad and I have to admit that there is a minimum of knowledge through games originals behind the entire assembly. Any fan of the series instantly recognizes the pugilistic techniques of the Velocidrome or the characteristic combo of the Congalala, or the animation of the Draconian breath of Deviljho. And I know that more than one will have laughed at the latter’s pickle meme, because all that is fan-service and it is okay to consume it in moderate amounts. Beyond that, it also hits the spot with the cuteness that comes after our first games, where we are very poorly equipped and we still don’t know all the weapon combos. At the end of the day, Aiden it is that: a mirror in which to look at ourselves. Because beyond that, he is not very well tied to the campaigns of the games, nor defined as a character in general.

It hits the spot with the cuteness behind our first gamesYes, he does have a few lines to talk about his family and the trademark of joking around with monster names — these are absolutely terrible jokes, even coming from the magazine that rated the Paul WS Anderson film as “a magnamala adaptation“- but in general it is a simple and necessary resource that is quite forgettable. Julius and Nadia, of the elite squad that take in Aiden, are somewhat better spun and I suppose that those who have paid attention to the lines of text of Monster Hunter 4 they will be happy to have you there. At this point, he stops counting: I don’t see how that respect for games, which undeniably exists, can justify how terrible it is in everything else.

To level narrative it is a nonsense capable of jumping from jokes for tweens to killing hunters burned alive or eaten; or to build characters with anecdotes in which the viewer is not a participant, in the style “do you remember when we did such a thing?” The worst thing is that animation it has as many holes as a strainer, too. I find it hard to believe that certain scenes are built from a motion capture session, while the level of detail and modeling of some models simply leave a lot to be desired. Just so you can see that it’s not just my thing, I was reading on Twitter someone comparing the CGI finish of Legends of the Guild with the opening cinematic of the original PS2 game. The one with the Blangonga emerging from the snow, the hot air balloon and the old Wyverian detecting the Kushala Daora. And hey, I don’t see it very far from reality, it almost gives it a certain air of nostalgia and everything. The worst part is taken by the characters and their plastic hairstyles, but it really applies to everything.

Capcom and the Monster Hunter movies

I must say that the end result is less catastrophic than you are probably understanding with these lines, especially if you are used to anime who bet on three-dimensional modeling instead of drawings. But without leaving Netflix you have many other animated series or movies that do better in this regard, such as The Dragon Prince, or even Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness which is also based on a Capcom series. Our comrade Toni Piedrabuena labeled that as inconsequential and it got a stamp of not recommended with which I can very well agree, but at least visually it did not give me the same feeling of neglect that the series that concerns us has. I insist that I do not like at all having to talk about a Monster Hunter product like that because as a fan I am the first to wish it well, but it is difficult to find something interesting outside of respect for the mechanics of the games.

It’s a failed experiment as unappetizing as those recipes that go wrong in Master ChefI can understand that Capcom wants expand your franchises beyond video games because it is what any large company wants to do: have a good catalog of multipurpose IPs that perform well in a wide spectrum of media. I don’t blame the Japanese publisher for that, but I think they do themselves a disservice if the Resident Evil movies are as famous as they are and the two Monster Hunter adaptations are even worse than that. I don’t think that simply mimicking the monster animations in games will win the approval of your established fans, much less those from outside. Jokes like the pickle joke, in fact, can knock some out of the sling, as if two people make a joke that only they understand in front of you. I do not see it as ethical or correct, if what you want is to earn a new audience.

Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild Multi

I’m not sure what the correct key is for Capcom to press to take advantage of the acceptance that Monster Hunter has always had and the success reaped by MH World in the whole world, but I am clear that this is not. Legends of the Guild is a experiment failed as unappetizing as those recipes that sometimes go wrong in Master Chef. The theory it dominates, yes, it shows; but the practice is one “no” after another. He does not know how to please the lifelong fan at all and I do not think he will please the newbie, I do not see that it is fun for teenagers and most of his jokes are small for the adult audience, it is not exciting to see nor can you empathize too much with the characters or the development of the story, does not contribute anything to the saga and I do not believe that it meets its quality standards. The attempt is appreciated, but you have to tighten the nuts more for next time. And we are already going through two crosses.